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  1. free money schemes are breaking india apart. unless they are stopped whosoever offer more free schemes will keep winning. noone cares about future, all they want is cash at this point
  2. TG lo 9 tarvatha curfew annaru, ninna night naaku swiggy lo delivery ochindi 🙄
  3. All india all citizens same situation, Intlo WFH chesukone IT vallake 40-50% impact ante daily job ki vellevallki ardam chesukovachu 🙏🏻
  4. We have plans for war once everything is back to normal , so people forget all these things . They might even say they didn't invest in medical as they need to bump up army and make them ready
  5. Vaccines require seperate setup which is not easy to establish or to maintain. Even 1st world countries don't have many labs . China and India established few labs and are producing most of vaccines
  6. Not good that he is quitting with success , I would love to see ipac going down in very harsh way. Also feku like him can say anything anytime
  7. adi chaduvutunte its not just giving formula, everything needs to be regulated and make safer vaccines with trials ane undi ga. india ki ivoddu ani ekkada annadu . Also we have vaccines here, why we need that formula? probably they only need help from countries lke India, Philipines, China to mass produce vaccines for themselves
  8. Modi is proven piece of sh!t , Paytm batch batch Jagga ki cover drives esinattu emi cover chesina no use. His baloon got busted, come to reality and voice for people or just sit and and continue with ur daily routines instead of backing that @$$ hole
  9. Daman gujju area ga, Mumbai vallaki ela telisindi . Not surprised as well, as usual b0di wants another gujju to fill his pockets
  10. Andaru converted ega YCP lo, kothaga ipoudu teesukelledi emundi
  11. Not to an extent , he is doing it right. What ever he speaks infront of Mike is different than his acts. He instigates regional feeling to provoke people. But opens doors for all buisness personal from all areas
  12. TDP power lo unna valla dandha nadustundi , vally power lo unte TDP candidate business motham matash chestaru leka laakuntaru .
  13. Had discussion earlier with a lawyer on this. Their saying is unless ramana is against them why will they even have problem.
  14. It's there everywhere in AP and tamilnadu too . Other religions need to take permission and make entry in register. That too they will be stopped beyond certain point
  15. u mean pic on our currency note will be officially changed
  16. manaki asala ee water achi ravatla , vadilesthe better
  17. nenu choosinppudu motham kalavalu concreate tho construct chesi unnai, wont it be too much effort to widen now?
  18. last time already started emo anukunna building choosi.
  19. idi highway pakanna LEPL township pakkadena? or different?
  20. TN lo brembo planning anta danni Kooda laagithe poddi . It’s small 100cr investment but good to have
  21. He just supplies tech right? doesn't involve in whole production. Main problem is current electric bike range is 100kms max which is not feasible for us. also full charge takes 4-6 hrs again. Hero sells e bikes from lonng time i hardly see 1 or 2 in hyd. Even big companies struggling to enter the space. so got doubt as its just start up.
  22. experiance lekunda antha money pettara e bikes are still to be proven market theda vasthe chandana motham close avuddi. Hyd lo friend ki telisina vallu local car manufacturing plant open chesaru ittane 100c loss vachindi . Piga final ga aa land kooda government teesesukuntadi plant lekpothe so motham bokke