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  1. LONDON, July 27 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia will impose a three-year travel ban on citizens travelling to countries on the kingdom's 'red list' under efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus and its new variants, state news agency SPA said on Tuesday. It cited an unnamed interior ministry official as saying some Saudi citizens, who in May were allowed to travel abroad without prior permission from authorities for the first time since March 2020, had violated travel regulations. "Anyone who is proven to be involved will be subject to legal accountability and heavy penalties upon their r
  2. Why India? Is it because of covid or for other reasons?
  3. Vasantha far better anta... capital mariste adige dammu ledhu.. how is he better and in which way. Jagan gadiki udigam chesthe chala.. When ppl are loosing money and opportunities for this stupid decision by the govt. How could anyone support this govt and its MLAs
  4. Wow... require a great heart to accept facts... at least some one acknowledged what has happened during corona in the upper house...
  5. Veedi erri pushpam logic... do people go to film city everyday? Petrole is a commodity, Dani price ni oka amusement park entrance ticket tho ela compare chestadu... imka nayam modi gadi xxxxx thone vadi gaddam thone cheyyaledu...lafoot na koduku..
  6. 120 per month govt and municipality charges some amount for trash collection... In hyd apartment we used to pay 50 rs per flat unofficially to the sweepers... 120 per month is not a small amount...
  7. Ohh thataa.. I thought whatoo whatuu
  8. Some people will say "Telugu evaru chaduvutunnaru andaru English ee kadha antaru" but mana identity loose avutamu... oka language ni after few years ee globe meda lekunda chestara..
  9. Those who had bad mouth is dead.. those who is behind his saying those words are still out there... valla roju kuda tvaraga ravali
  10. Pichodu ante imka evaru.. mid night atmala tho matlade mana CM ayyi untadu
  11. Maa PK ki oka Governer or Cabinet minister or at least ministry of state anna istunnara... Anna handle checina tourism ministry ki tammudiki ivvali ani demanding...
  12. Hilarious abba... super ga chesadu
  13. Madem sir.. madem anthe
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