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  1. Ilanti entho mandhi hard working ppl usuru posukuni Jagan gadu sulam ga ela pothadu.. he is going to face consequences for all these in this life time only...
  2. 95% of the middle class is with TDP now, Jagan is done for this time. Next vijayam manadhe. Leaders should put their 100% effort till last minute
  3. 100% true. In my friend circle I see majority of the ppl who supported jagan during last election are now with CBN. In way Jagan helped any Sane person to realize the importance of CBN and to rally behind him..
  4. What pains my heart is seeing CBN going through this after all he did for the state and its people. Oka orissa, bihar, west Bengal or many other states laga ipotundhi
  5. May be there is something big that we are not seeing. I don't think the lawyer is dumb to ignore bail petition. Something big is at play here..
  6. Gangsters kabatti no sympathy... police encounter ante routine ga untundhi ani ila plan chesaru emo. With out govt support it can't happen
  7. Pucha lehisiddi TTD joliki vaste e BJP batch ki
  8. Wish each and every one a very Happy New Year

  9. Andariki Sankranti Pandaga subhakanshalu

  10. PVC songs Super.. :)

  11. Brindavanam Songs keka...

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