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  1. Vadu PM laga behave cheyyatam ledhu kadha.. edo Gujarat ki CM laga behave chestunnadu
  2. Many in IT are forever indebted to him for his approach in introducing IT in a big way.
  3. Evadu ina light Pina petti book or paper chaduvutaru... ee nisani gadu matram kinda light petti chustunnadu
  4. Veedu oka ambothu... worst fellow to the core with caste feeling in each cell of his body.
  5. Mega star side bag vesukuni vellali kadha... Naga babu gadu evadu MXXXX notlo pettukunnadu ippudu
  6. Velli vadi M kudavalsindhi... Bochu lo reddy..
  7. Rofl.. every one laughed.. it shows how our shemale CM is doing in public..
  8. He should be last in the list. Development ledhu, moreover he is taking state backwards.. All time worst CM for telugu states so far
  9. This is also ninna nedu program.. Mask can be used as moothi gudda in future.. That's the vision of my pubgcm
  10. Edo formality ki pettukovatame gani Dani valla use ento telisthe kadha..
  11. Happy that Amararaja found a place that encourages industries... all the best for their growth. Ycp supporting Linux kodakallara...samma ga undha
  12. Pucha lehisiddi TTD joliki vaste e BJP batch ki
  13. Wish each and every one a very Happy New Year

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