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  1. jsp is not dependable ally. tdp will fight alone.
  2. Online membership lo proper background checks lekundaa bjp loki join chesukunnaaru. Next time nunchi baagaa check chesthaaru. Asalu Bjp lo minority cell enduku pettaaru? Minorities avasaram bjp ki ledhugaa. Minorities ni bjp ban cheyyavachu gaa.
  3. Ward member ki koodaa panikiraani vaadini mp chesaaru tg voters
  4. evari limitations vaaariki telusu. modi, adani meedha comment chesthe naa tholu theesthaaru ani open heart with rk interview lo rrr cheppaadu.
  5. ekkuva mandhi police ni petti z+ security ni laagi avathala padesthaaru. cbn babli project daggara ki velithe cbn z+ security ni maharashtra police lu kottaaru.
  6. i agree. catering person should have informed to passenger before taking order. thanks to guy who posted bill on twitter. i had few bad experiences with food in train, i chose to not order food in train. i purchase food when the train stops in big station. unfortunately there is unwritten rule in most of government departments . it is responsibility of citizen to some how know rules. only people who had bad experience will come to know the rules.
  7. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/cji-ramana-lashes-out-political-parties-indian-constitution-san-francisco-1969680-2022-07-03
  8. Central government aadhar voter id linking ki deadline pettindhi. aa deadline dhaatithe aadhar link cheyyani voter ids invalid avuthaayi.
  9. This clarification is enough. Its upto people whether they willing to purchase food at exorbitant prices. People prefer flight over rajdhani express to travel long distance.
  10. cbn threats ni evadu serious gaa theesukodu.
  11. SC suggestion will put an end to useless controversy.
  12. https://www.mirchi9.com/politics/pk-fans-greedy-want-cm-seat-as-a-charity/
  13. 5 years complete avvakundaa election ki velithe money waste avuthaadhi. Politics is dirty game. Buradhalo cleanliness vethakakoodadhu.
  14. 1 day lo elaa vacate chesthaaru. think practically.
  15. vacate cheyyadaaniki atleast two months time ivvavalisindhi.
  16. correct gaa cheppaadu. ee term ki public properties. next term ki private properties ammesthaadu.
  17. intha hopeless gaa vunte discussion cheyyadam waste. manam koodaa jai jagan andhaam. election pettadam koodaa waste. unanimous gaa 175 seats result declare cheyiddhaam. election kosam pette money, time save avuthaayi.
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