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  1. not yet... should wait till the last moment just like what Jagan did.
  2. TDP lo kuda ilage untaru le gelichina vallu. First time valla kontha mandi alanti language matladaka povatam valla inkontha mandiki ila avuthundhemo.
  3. light is on top only i think as what you are thinking as a shadow is actually a folded paper in my opinion. Check the light on his knees which might have come from top. It is terrifying to see him read all these papers as it is unimaginable as to what will be sold next.
  4. In TG there is a competition between Congress and BJP. I don't see a competitor here in AP for TDP.
  5. i agree that Jagan is not a kind of person who is worried of any negative news. In my opinion he thinks of how to use that news to come out of it even if it is in a bad way.
  6. matter solve avvatam ante valla uddesam veremo le... so unfortunate... hmmm.....
  7. Duggirala mandal lo eppudu TDP kademo ? surprising to see TDP raise here.
  8. Kudos to Gangadhar Thati. The so called political analyst is facing the real heat and instead of answering questions of Gangadhar Thati, the professor started personal attack. A typical political party behaviour. It looks political analyst is learning from his own political party.
  9. good. now we know the candidate, let us also elevate the negatives of this candidate.
  10. Then better forget TDP future. One may think it as a political acumen but finally general public don't appreciate such changes. They only see TDP as an opportunistic party. Instead be neutral and support every party in Centre rule for the growth of country. In this way, you will make sure you have less enemies and can focus more on State.
  11. Yi turns ne apithe party ki manchidhi. Learn from BJD. If we don't want to learn TDP will turn to dust. Try to maintain neutrality and fully focus on telugu states.
  12. better we don't live in dream machine. This was exactly what BJP thought in West Bengal.
  13. Vammo Ongole batch. Better not follow them.
  14. ilanti vallani vadala kudadu bro. Should take that opportunity to remind everyone that this is how Jagan came to power (to give someone chance for a change). The plight of the state when an inexperienced person comes to power is already proven ani highlight cheyali.
  15. object cheyali kadha jagan. His MPs should also raise this in Parliament.
  16. While booking the tickets if there are any issues resulting in over payments, i am not sure if such money will be funded after how many days.
  17. The problem is i think he encourages pekata and judam.
  18. Our Sarpanch kuda oka pekata rayude from YCP. Won unanimously. Rumour from beginning is he is one of the binami of Balineni.
  19. I thought Chiru batch ne Rajasekhar ni titti nattunaaru kadha.
  20. too much expectations le. Antha scene ledu. 35% vasthe goppa.
  21. ante protection ela chesukovali ? konchem guide cheyochu kadha ?
  22. Why wait till 2024 ? PK can become PM in social media even now as he is a media management master.
  23. in one word, it may be useful for the retired employees to immediately file cases as it appears the Govt efforts are not adequate to ensure that the funds are immediately released to them. anthe kadha ?
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