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  1. Looks like they r deleting interviews and new news about other cases now
  2. Hospital lo u r under arrest, sleep Ani cheppu. Next day Bail ochindi go annara 😑 choostha unte aade CBI ni arrest chesi, bail ok ayyaka release chesinattu unnadu.
  3. true. noone has guts to keep them in jail, unless they themselves want to take rest in jail. Even if jagan falls and some others comes to power its same situation, aa vishyam vallaki kooda telusu. lekapothe antha dhairyam ga anti govt unnapudu lepi sakshalu cover chestaru
  4. MP ina RRR ne kid chesi mari arrest chesaru . worst to the core govt orgs in india
  5. Aakariki oka person company meeda stock market ni depend chesaru
  6. aa 1000 lo konnodiki fandagooo fandaga
  7. 1000 ki paddapudu konnodiki pandaga ivala
  8. its still crashing like never before, ippudu enter ithe osthe profits lekapothe limited loss tho bitaki ravochemo
  9. I will be happy if he bounces back legally . Ee dikkumalina fraud lu chesi jananni munchakapothe chalu
  10. Inka 10 eni ninne 16 , ivala top 20 nunchi out emo
  11. Avg ga 10% + ee matash aindi ippudu
  12. Inka wealth undunte 200 billion loss ochina 3 Rd person ayyevademo Let's pray for middleclass that it bounces back and give their money
  13. Malli blood bath ki going aa shares, market positive undi eedivi negative unnai
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