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    These also will get if lot of followers r there. To get followers they need these stunts
  2. Eefini comment chesthe feel atyi mana db member okatanu DB ki bye bye cheppadu
  3. Jaguar ki food ga adi
  4. uravis


    Disaster , she is sucking blood of employees and middle-class. I just feel helpless and hopeless when ever I see my tax deductions or GST I pay when purchasing anything.
  5. Looks like they are desperate to cope up with competition. Is it wrong decision? Personally felt it hampered their main USP which is security. Anyway goats buy it mainly to showcase or prove they r rich. So I would expect it to still sell well for next 2 years. Post that depends on design changes.
  6. It's there from long time . Earlier 6 months anukunta to find job probably made 1 year now. But I won't recommend going there and search, it's too huge of investment to risk leaving current job to try luck. Better search job and go. Or if u are confident with ur German language chances r high u can get.
  7. In daring rescue operation, Israel military freed 4 hostages .
  8. Xbox, PS5 both will have motion games. I need to buy those accessories separately. VR eyes and brain both fasak chestundi. It's better to keep VR for timepass in gaming zones not home
  9. Danni chances create chesukotam antaru fluke ga osthe chance ovhinfi antaru
  10. Small kids Xbox is enough. Big kids or for urself who enjoys shooting or car race etc PS5 is unbeatable
  11. I earlier didn't know he is visually impaired, after knowing no wonder he takes sides as he might might only hear stuff and doesn't worry about development
  12. Spineless MFs taking sides for few bucks. If u see it's same stretegy they followed in Kashmir . Do nasty jihadi stuff , when military takes action play victim card that innocent are targeted. I wish Netanyahu gets enough support to get them done and dusted without any pressure.
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