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  1. YCP rechipotunte meeku super emundi andulo . Police are controlling or attacking TDP and left YCP goons to burn properties.
  2. manaki asala ee water achi ravatla , vadilesthe better
  3. nenu choosinppudu motham kalavalu concreate tho construct chesi unnai, wont it be too much effort to widen now?
  4. last time already started emo anukunna building choosi.
  5. idi highway pakanna LEPL township pakkadena? or different?
  6. TN lo brembo planning anta danni Kooda laagithe poddi . It’s small 100cr investment but good to have
  7. He just supplies tech right? doesn't involve in whole production. Main problem is current electric bike range is 100kms max which is not feasible for us. also full charge takes 4-6 hrs again. Hero sells e bikes from lonng time i hardly see 1 or 2 in hyd. Even big companies struggling to enter the space. so got doubt as its just start up.
  8. experiance lekunda antha money pettara e bikes are still to be proven market theda vasthe chandana motham close avuddi. Hyd lo friend ki telisina vallu local car manufacturing plant open chesaru ittane 100c loss vachindi . Piga final ga aa land kooda government teesesukuntadi plant lekpothe so motham bokke
  9. 2007 lo aa 4 lines eee picha kali ga undevi ippudu traffic ki kastham ga unda
  10. Job choopinchandi good Madhya lo malli free money enduku ??
  11. Naaku house and good facilities for medication we rendu unte lite teesukunevadini, even though life is not luxurious Avi leka anni pogotukunna Amma nanna ki kaneesam illu konelepotunna ani stomach burning or jealous what ever we can call it.
  12. Yes Ade nenu cheppedi unnadi ammukoni chaduvu kovatam tappindi. Bevarse ga tirigina EE patiki same position lo undevadini with eligibility for govt schemes And developed countries lo kooda edi free ga ivvaru India lo ichinattu
  13. LoL facilities bike ki road tax katta road kosam so it's excluded goods ki vat katta so it's excluded what else is govt providing with my income tax And how fair is it if govt is giving houses and clear loans to lazy a$$ holes when I am suffering
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