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  1. Snow pressmeet petti aadu resign chyyatam endi meme teesesam ani chepthe poddemo
  2. Ambani , Adani not interested in Air aaa. Leka naakipoina business adi Tata profits loki techedaka wait cheyyamannada gujju head
  3. Long flight means opportunity for more pictures without disruption
  4. Yes , most of roads r good. Bad roads r only there mostly in hyd
  5. I think BJP wants to make sure that state will never recover who so ever comes next too and after and after.... TG lo maru moola villages ki vellina kooda super duper roads unnai. AP lo highway digi side ki velthe frustration ostundi
  6. Advancement isthe anni contracts YCP valle teesukoni work aipoindi ani close chestaru
  7. From my view India only saw growth from 96-2009, post that everwhere religious , regional and caste fightings started. If everything goes this way, we will end up becoming another 3rd world.
  8. 85 billion worth of weapons aircrafts anni Taliban's teesesukunnaru, us army Afghan army ki gift ichinavi. They r even posing with US latest arms and buller proof vests etc..
  9. Highway kooda only 120 is safe (not completely) , 100 is best .
  10. Noway. look at images, engine came Into cabin. Airbags, seatbelts can only save when we r within limits and car structure is holding up. It structure itself can't handle the impact and gets crushed we get crushed too.
  11. Antha Pappu aindi ante min 160+ undi untadu
  12. manaki asala ee water achi ravatla , vadilesthe better
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