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Graduate MLC Election Counting

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8 minutes ago, RKumar said:

Nellore, guntur & kurnool 2 MLAs ready to vote & jump if CBN confirms ticket.

Anumanam anipinchanavalla andarni okaokarni 7 groups lo esesthadu ela ayana telsipotadu secret ga aythe cross kastame.

Public gane ocheyali vote vesevadu :thinking:

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25 minutes ago, Sunny@CBN said:

YCP edo code pettindi.

1st pref - 7 options

2nd pref - 7 options

3rd preference 7 options

Total 343 combinations. 156 MLAs. They can pinpoint who did it. Valle bayata pedataru in some time

E telivi janalaki manchi chese degara edavali. 

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