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  1. If she fails in TG election (most probably), there is a good chance that she can come back to Andhra. Interview like this will be useful so that she can't support Jagan when she already talked against him.
  2. Em cheptado Inka teliyadu. What will she say about YcP rule, babayi murder etc. Based on that we can come to a conclusion.
  3. Trailer super hit asalu. Genuine ga issue unnatu anipistundi iddariki. Last time she campaigned for Jagan and got very big crowds. Next time advantage enti ante she will not campaign for Jagan and we can use it against him in the election campaign.
  4. Ma thatha ki entha avamanam jarigindi...bodiya thathaaa!
  5. CBN hardwork valla state ki money vachindi, hyd was on global map. YSR used that money for welfare and there were good rains. Other factor was the boom in global economy and Indian economy between 2004-2008. There was real estate boom as well. Credit motham kottesadu YSR. 2009 tarvata slow down ayyindi global economy and due to improper planning, AP faced severe power shortages. Free current valla discoms losses perigipoyayi. All the scams in the earlier regime surfaced during this period. simple ga cheppali ante...he was in power in the best of times. We can't attribute the good ti
  6. Give it to a Kamma only who can spend money. Radha ki kammas vestara? Moreover nani and radha are friends no?
  7. Background lo cheyalsindi chala undi ga. Strengthening ground level cadre and social media.
  8. Money pedite evadaina elevate avutadu. Daggina pithina videos pettadam daniki likes kottinchukovatam. Em upayogam veella valla.
  9. Good analysis. TDP cadre should be mentally prepared to go alone.
  10. My suggestion is that we should make a list of these incidents and the people who are involved. Keep the list in public domain and tell that we will take necessary action when we get back to power. Aa list nundi deviate avakudadu. Power lo ki vcahaka pakka doola teerchali. Make public statements.
  11. Ento kontha basha anna athaniki kuda compensation iste gola undadu IMO.
  12. I read the news bro. Thanks. Land kabja issue. Ayina ayana ykapa karyakarta anta kada. Raja Kaja Maja ayyindi. Inkem avutadi.
  13. Intaki emayyindi? I didn't follow this news
  14. Evado pakodi gadu resign cheyatamenti ee baffa gallu thread Loki vachi CBN ni thittadam enti. Asalu ee baffa threads enduku babu ee db lo. Senseless arguments malli Pakistan China antu. Kharma ra babu.
  15. Chamba na? Em matladtunavu? Evaru counter kuda ivatledu enti ilantivallaki? Mana Db lo ne ee situation ah? This is the language of Ycheaps. Vellantha nijam ga fans ah lekapote fakes ah?
  16. BJP, JS tho alliance will be a blunder. Own ga vellatam better. No alliances at all. Pothe malli 2029 lo chuskovachu.
  17. Em avvadu le. CBN right decision teskunadu party param ga to go against BJP. This will help in 2024 for sure. State ki em peekindani support cheyali BJP ki? Polavaram, Amaravati, special status, railway zone Anni hands up ey ga. Meeke Anni kavali state tappa. Anduke BJP ni support chestunaru.
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