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  1. Anavasram ga caste ni target chestunadu anipistundi. He used to do much better earlier.
  2. IPAC ah! Lol. Oxygen filling apdu preesure taggindi ani rasadu paina share chesina article lo. Oxygen tanker delay ani ekada rasadu. Anavasram ga blame cheyatam enduku nanu. Na previous posts chusi blame cheyalante cheyandi. Oxygen tankers gurinchi idea undi kabatti na experience share chesa anthe.
  3. Rayalaseema lo edo peekestadu anukuni votes vesaru. Veedu peekindi em ledu. Kosta lo capital ni uttarandhra ki marchadu anthey.
  4. Raja Kaja Maja. Maku ee thinking ey kavali. Ma vadu thopu.
  5. Oxygen filling and supply can't be done simultaneously unless they have atleast two liquid oxygen tankers. For filling pressure in the tank must be low, but during supply pressure in tank must be high. Problem is purely technical. Hospital should have been able to resolve the problem.
  6. Bodii bashing bore kodtundi. Enta tittukunna use em ledu.
  7. There are a number of channels where they ask people on why they want to vote for ycheap/cbn.Their reasoning is stupid. Many said they voted last time for okka chance. okka chance enti ra ayya. Sympathy ki, kodi kathi ki votes vesaru mahanubhavulu. Ilanti valla lives bagupadataya bro.
  8. If people can be influenced, any Jaffa can win by finding out how to influence them. That is what these political consultants are doing. You are trying to say that CBN is unable to do that, but I'm saying it is people's mistake to be unable to differentiate between good and Bad. They might have voted to CBN and NTR in the past, but there is a good probability they voted for the wrong reasons.
  9. The problem is with people only bro. It is your mistake to think that they are correct when they vote to CBN and are at fault when they vote to Jagan. We need to think about the points below: When they voted to CBN, Did they vote for development, irrigation projects or freebies? If they voted for freebies, I still think they are wrong even when they vote to CBN. Did they vote for betterment of lives or because someone gave money for vote. If they voted for money, I still think they are wrong even when they vote to CBN. Did they vote for job creation or because someone is from their caste. If they voted for caste, I still think they are wrong if they vote to CBN. People didn't come out of money for vote , caste and freebies. They deserve what they sow. Do you want CBN to give more money for votes, announce more freebies or divide people on caste basis to get elected. That is not the CBN I liked and I don't want to him to win election that way.
  10. People's attitude change avvananthavaraku valla brathukulu maravu.
  11. Janalu crisis situation lo leader's efforts anta appreciate cheyatledu. (Vizag is an exception. We got all four seats in the city)CBN would have done it differently. Nakenti Naku entho kontha padeste chalu le anatlu unaru.
  12. Hope this pandemic ends quickly. Frontline workers and their families should be vaccinated. All other please stay indoors and stay safe.
  13. Mana faults telusukokunda, people meeda nettestunapude, you basically lost. I don't think they will recover from here as a party.
  14. I know people who are modi fans. Cover cheskolekapotunaru papam. Now they are saying people are at fault for not wearing masks and social distancing. When TDP lost we also thought people were at fault. I think they reached last stage. They will definitely loose.
  15. Last 5 years lone chala mandi BJP vallani champesaru Bengal lo. BJP vallu kuda inka high court lo cases veskotame. Peekedi emi ledu.
  16. Mosha em help cheyatleda papam.
  17. First of all Lokesh twitter, fb etc. Lo follwers ni penchukovali by giving ads.
  18. 2014 mundu vastunna mee kosam ani padayatra chesaru CBN. That was a big hit. Eesari Lokesh should do something similar. Party ki successor evaru kuda clarity vastadi.
  19. Pattern is the same everywhere. Manam copy kottina chalu. Last time we focussed only on completing projects before election so that people will vote based on works. Finally projects complete avaledu, campaign kuda sarigga cheyaledu. We made too many enemies in the interest of the party and state.
  20. Final majority 2,70,584. Better than expected result for TDP. 2019 lo 2.3 lakh majority. Considering that they still have 3 years, Volunteer system and donga votes, great effort and result. AARAA and Atmasakshi rendu surveys fail ayyayi. Proved that AARAA is a ycheap fellow.