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  1. Seen somewhere in news Subba Reddy met him on the day of taking oath to give prasadam. Already kaaka modalettaru to avoid jail
  2. Every day official death numbers in each district shown as 5-8. Same trend last 2 weeks.
  3. Center free ga istham andi state ki is it only 50%
  4. Hope all Political & Economic criminals behind bars irrespective of parties. 1 year lo cases fast track ani ruling ichharu ippati varaku okkadini kopala veyyaledu
  5. Real life lo kooda dramas. Anthamandini pogesukuni corona time lo road show on election day. Silent ga velli vote vesi raavochhu kada, ledante open statement ivvochhu against center
  6. Vizag Corporation: YSRCP: 42.4% (4.34L) TDP: 35.73% (3.66L) JSP+BJP: 11.35% (1.35L) Gajuwaka, Bhimili, Pendurthi, V-South TDP did well. MLAs leni chotla TDP did very well.
  7. Janasena ki 15% vote vachhindi antunnaru, main reason Ysrcp able to win majority seats in vizag despite negatives on ground
  8. Vizag Janasena got more than 10% votes
  9. Vizag city lo kooda TDP very good performance. Vote share should be around 40% with CPI.
  10. https://www.eenadu.net/latestnews/voting-percentage-in-muncipal-elections/1600/121054573