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  1. 5000/vote Silver gifts Fake voters who are not even 10th pass votes Still 60-40 vote in favor of TDP. Ee saari vote ki 10000 isthaaru. His only hope poor people. Educated 70-80% will vote against YCP. Only 20-30% educated for their religion & community favorism might vote for YCP. If vote splits YCP will win. If not split TDP+Janasena win.
  2. Vaallu puvvulo kaado kaani North janala chevullo 10 years nundi puvvule peduthunnaru.
  3. Ee Baffas siggulekunda fake University posts spread chesthunnaru.
  4. Telangana lo party ni munchinde revanth. Chaala over ga expecting.
  5. Front end lo KCR ki support Ani show chesthunnadu. Backend lo congress ki veyyamani deal set chesukunndu.
  6. YCP BRS congress bjp all same. BRS or Congress both will support Jagan openly post elections. It's BRS Vs Congress fight Reddy's will support l congress for getting back CM seat. Vote for TDP if they contest else don't vote.
  7. Better resign now, inko month daatithe no elections. Discuss with CBN do it next week max. Can go along with Telangana elections. Elections pettakapothe Jagan & Modi bhayapaddaru Ani message velthundi.
  8. It's clear BJP+YCP+TRS game plan. BJP chamcha silent when LV subramanyam & PV Ramesh who were against CBN in 2019 openly said it's false case. All scamsters have single agenda. Loot people. AP people will become permanent migrant population because of these useless IAS officers.
  9. Yes no party activity in AP except few agitations last 2 weeks. Without CBN no one there to lead party. Votes tolagimpu in full Swing, donga votes cherpichadam completed with volunteers help. Big conspiracy from Jagan, Modi-Shah & KCR. BJP did this as CBN did not agree to BJP power sharing formula.
  10. Votes maaya needed confidence along with BJP support.
  11. https://www.eenadu.net/telugu-news/ap-top-news/general/2501/123175678
  12. Yes 2039 ki pakka. 2031 mundu chance ee ledu Adi choosukune ee Jhumla from Modi.
  13. Emanna reference kaavalante it will take hardly 1-2 hrs. to refer & give judgement.
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