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  1. Inta planned ga unaru entra Babu vellu. Election thappa vere dhyasa ledu ga Jaffa gadiki.
  2. Money pedite singers and composers vastaru ga like mangli and mano.
  3. Ganta is a gone case. Better not to compare with him. Leaders should be active when there is a crisis.
  4. What happened to her. She used to be very active before 2019.
  5. Vishnu Kumar Raju, JD or any youngster will do the trick. Ganta ki em manchi Peru ledu. Kakapothe dabbulu baga karchupedatadu.
  6. Sani vadilindi. Take JD into party and give Vizag North seat.
  7. Sarayi+ Modi double engine vadda?
  8. State baffas are sleeping. Vallaki Andalsina dabbulu Andi untayi.
  9. Agree with both statements. Bodiya gadu and a certain section (beggar batch) in our state..both are responsible for the present situation. Beggar batch- evadu dabbulu iste vadiki vestam Bodiya- Naku evadu support cheste vadu em chesina pattinchukonu. Iddariki development pattadu, state future pattadu.
  10. Comparison like to like undali. Bihar, UP, Uttarakhand tho compare ela chestaru? Compare with Telangana, Karanataka, Tamil Nadu. Then it will be more believable. Jobs levu anedi correct but ila chetha comparisons cheste evaru nammaru. TFR is higher in Cow belt states and obviously they have lots of young people. I hope Eenadu doesn't downgrade its quality. This is the only paper neutrals read in our state
  11. Main problem is CBI, ED, EC, CS which will be in baffa's hands. And Money full ga dobbaru jaffas last 3 years rule lo. Full ga panchutaru Baffas YCP ki help cheyakapote single ga kuda TDP will win for sure. First of all leader should believe that we can win without alliance. Manam gelustam ani baffas ki ardham aithe they will support/stay neutral because they might need our support at the centre. Opportunistic politics idanta. As of now I think they still believe that Jaffa will win again. But manam enta close ga vaste antha better. Atleast 10 MPs gelustam ani vallaki confidence
  12. Gudivada ne Venigalla Ramu against Kodali ....Gannavaram ani by mistake type chesa. Unable to change title now.
  13. AP janalu kondalu anedi matram 100%. Verri janalaki nalugu biscuits padeste enta dochukunna em pattadu. Idey correct anukunta manollaki.
  14. Saw a video in SM that TDP is finalising Venigalla Ramu, NRI as candidate for TDP in Gudivada. Looks like his wife is a SC. Good decision if true. Finalize candidate now so that he can roam around and get some grip on the constituency. PS: Thread title should be read as Gudivada not Gannavaram.
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