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  1. Janalu marataru ani nammakam pothundi.
  2. Ne abba Jaffa ga...limits cross ayyav. Inta worst fello ni ekada chudaledu
  3. Ma maid die hard TDP fan. She is BC and she is not going to change even if she gets benefits from jaffa. Loyalties ala untayi. They will not change overnight.
  4. As per a survey kammas lo kuda 30% voted to YCP last time. This will be 1.5% of total votes. BCs lo we lost some voting. I think these votes will swing in our favour next time.
  5. Party core voters elagu vadithonenintaru. I don't think he will get less than 40% vote next time also. We need to target the swing voters and aim to increase vote share by 10% and bring our vote share to 50%. This will give us a big victory. We can't change everyone for sure.
  6. once ee range lo negativity vaste malli vadiki veyyaru. entha anti establishment vaste anta better. 5% of YCP Vote mana side vaste gelichestam.
  7. Cheppa kada penta ani. Penta meeda rayi vesthe moham anta chindutundi. Ayana stature sri Reddy tho enduku ani na vuddesam.
  8. Chudam. Aa sri reddy tagge type em kadu. But she got exposed le. She is pakka pro YcP ani ardam avutundi andariki. Penta meeda rayi veste moham anta chindutundi. Mari em avutundo chudalsindey.
  9. Feeling sad for people. They are facing the worst crisis ever and govt is impotent.
  10. Sri Reddy tho petukune stature kadu kada ayanadi. Dani tho kuda avasarama. Silent ga Jaffa meeda cases petukuni govt ni expose cheskovachu kada. Why to answer all these idiots.
  11. Anavasram ga caste ni target chestunadu anipistundi. He used to do much better earlier.
  12. IPAC ah! Lol. Oxygen filling apdu preesure taggindi ani rasadu paina share chesina article lo. Oxygen tanker delay ani ekada rasadu. Anavasram ga blame cheyatam enduku nanu. Na previous posts chusi blame cheyalante cheyandi. Oxygen tankers gurinchi idea undi kabatti na experience share chesa anthe.