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  1. 1.) Congress strengthen avvali to split votes. 2.) SC categorisation cheyali to get madiga and other SC votes. 3.) Develop good SC leaders in TDP. Home to Anitha is a welcome move. We also need loyal TDP spokespersons from that community. Needs patience but we can get it done.
  2. First aa SC categorisation cheste...atleast madigas and other SC castes vestaru. Malas elagu nammakalu levu..may be candidate based ga vestaru emo konni areas lo.
  3. Polavaram I think we can give water to delta by gravity?
  4. Chintalapudi lift kuda complete cheyochu if we give sufficient funds. This project will also irrigate 2 lakh acres.
  5. Veligonda project complete cheyochu in 2 years. Atleast we will get some credit with Veligonda project.
  6. Add to this Chintalapudi Lift irrigation project. A very crucial project for Krishna and West Godavari metta area.
  7. Defending lo kuda Anni abadhale chetha vedavalu.
  8. Vallu veyakapote 40% chachina radu. Aa 40% lo 15% daka Valle vesi untaru.
  9. Ee gorre biddala comments chustunte ascharyam ga undi. Em brain washing ra babu.
  10. It will create problem even in North Andhra. Vizag janala lekka enti ante Vizag is no 1 city. Anni regions lo pedda projects avvali.
  11. Financially not feasible anukunta. Tolls ekuva pette scope ledu anukunta. That's why NHAI is rethinking.
  12. Give realistic targets for projects. Notiki vachina targets ivvakandi. Clarity ipude icheyandi. Last time laga Polavaram by 2018. Durga gudi flyover within 2 years. Amaravati meeda hype etc vaddu. Later on target avutaru if not completed on time. Luckily some projects are going to be completed in next 2 years. 1.) Vijaywada West Bypass 2.) Bhogapuram project 3.) Khammam Devarapalli highway 4.) Vizag bypass Highway. 5.) Morampudi flyover etc We can take credit for all these projects Veligonda project also if I'm not wrong can be completed in 1-2 years
  13. But Chintalapudi lift irrigation is also important for metta prantham lands of West Godavari and Krishna. Nuzvid, Mylavaram, Nandigama, Jangareddygudem, Chintalapudi etc ki. Ee areas lo we are still dependent on rains. No irrigation facilities. Polavaram canal water will not serve these areas. Water has to be lifted. I hope this govt focusses on this project. Previous govt completely neglected it.
  14. Direct beneficiaries: Right cana: Krishna, West Godavari, Left Canal: Vizag and probably some parts of east godavari. Once Polavaram water Krishna delta ki isthe.. dependence of delta area on Krishna river water will decrease. So mana AP quota water chala varaku manam Rayalaseema lo vadukovachu by stopping at Srisailam Dam. And availability of water will also increase during Summer months+ 960MW cheap power during rainy season.
  15. Hmm undochu bro luxury ki anthu em undi. Basic ga beach view, large area ante avutadi. Yendada lo chala ekuva avutunnai gated communities. Closer to city than Madhurawada. Rushikonda beach, Sagarnagar beach close. GITAM college. It is a great place to live. Climate wise excellent..compared to Vizag city because of forest
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