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  1. State lo ee erri pushpams chestunna Dani batti vallaki support untadi. Na intlo sarigga lenapudu pakintodi gola nakenduku. TDP ki enduku support cheyyaru ante...aa pakodi gadini personal ga edo thittaru anta. Mee ideology kante personal ey ekuvva ainappudu enduku ee chetha discussion.
  2. Ipdu evado TN lo edo ante...me gola entra babu. Ipdu meeku TN lo votes levu..... Sanatana Dharma ante enti...nenaithe vinaledu Dani gurinchi...last 5-6 years gane cheptunaru sanatana Dharma ani. Chinapatinundi nenu Hindu Ane chepukuntunna. Why are you spamming the threads with useless topics.
  3. Indulo confusion emundi. CBN bail ki apply cheste Jaffa will win. He will say CBN also is outside on bail. India lo ee type cases epatiki conclude avvavu. So he will be on bail even during election campaign. So Jaffa will say CBN is also corrupt. 1.) I feel CBN is confident that he did nothing wrong 2.) He wants to show that Jaffa is doing vendetta politics. Once court says remand is not required, he is free and bail is not required. Bail kavalante he could have filed anticipatory bail itself before arrest.
  4. Baffas help lekunda Avinash Reddy bayata unnada. It's not a mistake. What CBN did in 2019 is correct. TDP emi Jaffa gadila kadu. It fights in the interest of state. Banisa la padundali ani pakoda gadu expect chesadu. Anduke asalu BJP ki allies evaru leru. Unnavallu kuda edo power undi kabatti untunaru including JS. Vajpayee time lo allies ki respect icharu...that BJP is no more.
  5. Some NRI Ramu...venigalla ramu anukunta unnaru kada active ga.
  6. Aa BJP ni CBN enduku namutunaro telidu. Pakodi gadu visionary and policies best ani chepparu. Cut cheste arrest cheyistaru....babayi ni lepiste aa Avinash Reddy ninipativaraku arrest avakunda chesaru.
  7. Nenu evaluate cheskovali antunna options when BJP is staying so silent and indirectly supporting Jaffa Does it make sense to still give unconditional support to them? CBN is recently praising modi kada that he is a visionary and his policies are great etc?
  8. 2014 lo BJP ki support chesi gain avvaleda. 2019 lo oka bad experience ayyindi ani inka pratisari ala avutadi ani rule unda. This is called recency bias. Better to evaluate the scenario and take decision instead of having this bias.
  9. That argument is silly man. TDP may only have three seats now but it will get atleast 10 seats next election. Close election lo 10 seats also matter. BJP camp again nundi INDIA camp ki velte it will be 20 seat difference..
  10. Now no one is supporting us. We will loose both INDIA and NDA. Jaffa is having good relationship with both. Atleast threaten BJP leadership by just meeting Rahul Gandhi. We can stay neutral even after that.
  11. It's really confusing regarding whom to trust. (I.N.D.I.A vs BJP) CBN should take a clear stand based on his understanding. Makes no sense in supporting baffas when they are clearly against him. We should understand that every election is not the same. What if we support INDIA alliance. 1.)I.N.D.I.A will be stronger... 2.) Don't participate in T election but support I.N.D.I.A alliance.. BRS will get support from BJP backdoor again like last time BRS vs INDIA...India wins. 3. Use TS govt support in Andhra election. TN and Karnataka govt will also support (backdoor support). 4.) Easy to get minority support and SC/ST support if Sonia or Rahul campaign for TDP in Andhra election. Just a thought.
  12. Inka time ekuva ledu kada election ki.
  13. Leader is strong mentally. Only worry for me is his physical health. Other than that I'm loving his fighting spirit at this age. He could have got anticipatory bail if he wanted to. That would have been a victory to Jaffa as he can say even CBN is on bail. But he doesn't want that black mark. Respect increased 100 times. I hope he gets justice tomorrow in HC.
  14. Blunder by Jaffa fellow. Now entire state will know that CBN is fighting for public and that's why he is being targeted. Pls don't apply for bail. Appeal in HC and SC and fight against remand
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