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  1. Ori pichabodi ga. Inta daridrudivi enti ra.
  2. Matter enti ante this gorre batch okati untadi AP lo. Evadiki ekuva reach unte vadni namutaru. Nijama abadhama anedi it doesn't matter. State with the lowest literacu rate in India - Andhra. Naku ee janala meeda asalu nammakam ledu. So we should also be active to counter it l.
  3. +914069131331 Hyderabad number. Maybe IPAC call centre.
  4. I just got a call (recorded) explaining about skill development scam by TDP and CBN. They started mud slinging. Uneducated will believe that it is true. TDP should start taking legal action or counter this somehow.
  5. YCP edo code pettindi. 1st pref - 7 options 2nd pref - 7 options 3rd preference 7 options Total 343 combinations. 156 MLAs. They can pinpoint who did it. Valle bayata pedataru in some time
  6. TDP nundi YCP ki velladu. he was TDP MLA candidate in Kaikaluru.
  7. Better not to predict the two. I think TDP will not reveal the names.
  8. Jayamangalaniki bokka padali. Apdu inka kicku
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