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  1. Once APSRTC is privatized people will understand the pain of increased charges. I see very few hardworking people like APSRTC employees.
  2. Privatize every possible govt company. Outsource most of the govt jobs. This is the only way. APSRTC is not a company. It is only a corporation. Jagan anna inka complicate chesi vallaki govt jobs ichadu. If APSRTC is made a company, it would have produced great results even with government holding.
  3. Bro what is the problem with CPS. We are also under CPS in PSUs. Any logic?
  4. Privatize ki mundu asalu online complaints teskune system ravali. PS ki velthe complaints kuda teskoru.
  5. Railways kuda privatize cheyali. modi sir eppudu chestado ento. Even state discoms should be privatized. Only then efficiency of these systems will increase. Better to work for private people than government.
  6. Slowly Anni privatize cheyatam best. Even I want the same. Ee government tho thattukolekapotunam. Anni PSUs Ambani Adani ki icheyali. Jil Jil Jiga chestaru inka.
  7. Who is responsible for job culture? Is it not the government? If you are giving salary without work everyone would take it.
  8. Again I'm not generalizing. Andaru feel aipokandi.
  9. I'm talking about how we telugus are cheating the system to go to the US. How worthless candidates are also going this way with fake experience, fake certificates. Recent trend is to cheat GRE exam also. 320 score vachestadi anta 90k kadithe.
  10. Ikada state government employees gurinchi kadu kada bhaiya discussion. Paina unnadi Modi. Panicheyakpite urukuntada. Work culture wise there is a lot of difference between Central Govt, state govt and PSUs.
  11. Thread lo they were crying on govt employees in general.
  12. Central govt employees ki iche DA meeda edavakandi bro. I'm also a PSU employee and we didn't get DA hike during pandemic because of DA freeze. DA hike is the right of govt employees. Regarding NRIs, the fact is every Tom, dick and harry in my circle is in USA. But I'm betting 90% of them wouldnt have got a govt job/PSU job in India. People are going to USA with GRE score less than 300 also. Few people went with fake certificates and fake experience.
  13. Manchu family ni tukku tukku ga odinchali election lo.
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