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  1. What is the component of taxes in petrol diesel price? Our prices are the highest in the world.
  2. 1st option lo Atanu gelichina malli hamilu amalu cheyaledu. Same situation as before. He will loose public support very quickly. Jail lo unte nenu unte chesevadni ani drama adochu.
  3. By Aug-Sept 2021 1. either he has to go for early election with BJP help 2. or fight with BJP and go to jail for sympathy drama. No other option. IMO he will go for option 2. There is no other way this will work out for him.
  4. You didn't get my point. 2024 lo general election untadi kada. 2022 lo assembly unna kuda. He cannot prepone general election. Nenu antundi 2024 lo 20 MPs vasthe..MLAs lakkuni aina state lo power Loki ravachu ani.
  5. 2024 lo general elections untayi kada bro...apdu sweep chesukuni govt ni padeyochu 2024 tarvata ani.
  6. I was discussing the same yesterday with my friends. He will go for early election to avoid further damage to his reputation. There is a very good possibility. Manchide le we can minimum 60-70 seats in April itself. State finances elagu improve avvavu janalki full scene ardam avutadi. By 2024 we can sweep parliamentary seats and govt padipotadi after 2024.
  7. Epudu silent ga unde ma driver kuda pichi thitlu. First time annadu CBN unte ila unchadu sir ani. Chala strain aipotunam driving tho. Evadiki kavali veedi schemes auto drivers ki dabbulu roads veyincchali kani. Adoka torture la undi journey ante ne. Actual ga aa area janala meeda kuda jali vesindi. Em kharma pattindi ra babu meeku ani. Papam two wheelers meeda asta kastalu padtunaru.
  8. Exactly. Anni baadude baadudu. Em peekadu ani adagatame.
  9. Janala mindset alane undi le. That's why I said backward state with backward mindset.
  10. Too bad too worst roads. Burra unna vadu evadu malli ee govt ki vote veyyadu. Felt so bad. We can proudly call ourselves a backward state.
  11. Manaki popcorn time mohan babu vs mega..
  12. Ipdu unna situation ki power kavali kada. Malli resume chesi undochu ga?
  13. Power save evadiki vadu chestadu. Mee pani uninterrupted power supply ivatam kada. Btw what happened to solar power/wind power PPAs. Center told that we cannot back off na? Are they still there?
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