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  1. Sivaramaraju undi MLA teskunte Undi lo majority perugutadi, kavalante ministry ivachu.
  2. MP seat ki money karchupette candidate and commitment unna candidate kavali. Athanu candidate ga unte anti Jaffa votes chalavaraku TDP ki padatayi.
  3. Ninna RRR ABN debate lo BJP gurinchi adigite...okesari rendu govta enemity pettikolenu kada annadu. He knows Baffas are playing as per Jaffa script. I guess he understood the background alliance between both now. He is only saving his skin now. He will join TDP before elections... BJP-TDP alliance is next to impossible. We should go alone..
  4. Return gift ready cheyandi for baffas and Kacharas.
  5. Telangana Baffas should be kicked out. Vella overaction chala darunam ga undi. I hope all TDP sympathizers vote for congress in Telangana. Revanth, Seethakka etc. are not a threat to TDP. Both BJP and Kachara want TDP to be completely destroyed.
  6. Last parliamentary election lo padindi debba already Kacharas ki hyderabad lo. I hope they do it even in Khammam district. Congress-others-TRS-BJP that should be the order. Asalu Andhra lo first election aithe, Telangana lo kuda contest cheyochu TDP in 10-15 seats.
  7. Ultimately both BJP and TRS want to finish off TDP in both telugu states.
  8. Telangana Baffas are attacking pro TDP channels in FB. I hope TDP sympathizers in Telangana teach these idiots a lesson. Andhra lo elagu vellu peekedi em ledu. I request not to vote for BJP or TRS.
  9. I think RRR is definitely interested to join TDP. There is no way that he will join BJP/JS based on the interviews I watched previously. Narsapuram MP easy win for TDP next time.. .no need to go to the constituency. In this online world he can stay in touch. He is doing a good job in the parliament for his constituency.
  10. The problem is that most of the rational thinkers are afraid to come out and speak their mind just because of the majority who are just blind followers.
  11. IMO saying what is right is more important. Whether it is Kathi Mahesh or Nupur Sharma....there will be progress only when we question the beliefs. In this case I will take Nupur Sharma's side.
  12. SS will effectively be killed in the worst case. Different factions within the same party is never good. BJP, NCP will grab their vote share. Mana BJP drutharashtra kougili gurinchi teliyandi emundi. CBN didn't do it for another party but for the survival of the party itself. Even NTR's own sons and daughters were not with him. 1999 ki NTR unnara? Unte ela undedo evadiki telusu. It would have been NTR vs CBN even within TDP.
  13. When SS supporters realize the intention of BJP is to kill SS, they will dump Eknath.
  14. Whether Eknath can retain control of Shivsena is the question. Depends on how people take it. If they suspend Thackeray from SS, he will get sympathy in public. He can resign and contest again to gain momentum. Very Interesting now. If they don't suspend him, he will maintain his faction and try to topple Eknath.
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