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  1. Take care guys... tough situation overall....
  2. Pushpaalaki ade bengal lo covid tho poyevallu kanipiyyatleda? Ivi PM and BJP murders kaava ? BTW.. I condemn those killings... they better chose to kill bastards like modi, Shah etc who are responsible for more deaths in india
  3. Ee bastard tho polisthe modi na son better....
  4. Patriotic Nationalists WA University nundi ipude research result leak ayindi...
  5. Is the second corona wave *a planned biological war* against India? Do you believe that the second wave of the current widespread pandemic in India is due to the spread of the virus in general? Till a fortnight ago I used to believe that this is the second wave, but now a lot of doubt has gone home in my mind. Look at the state of the entire Indian subcontinent. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan... There was no other wave in these countries or in any other country of Asia. Today there are similar conditions as they were in India two-and-a-half months ago. Then how did this bomb explode in India itself? Are the citizens of all those countries very much disciplined than Indians? Do they wear masks around the clock to avoid epidemics? No! Do their geographical location differ from India? No! Then, the second wave could not even touch these countries and is breaking India, why? ICMR has said at the time of the first wave that crores of people got this *disease* in India and they did not even know and when crores of people suffered it, they became *disease resistant* . If so, then *the second wave*... How did it become *dangerous*? And why did it happen *only in India*? Look at the *global conditions* after this *pandemic*. From *medicine, vaccine* to *economy management*. *India* amazed the whole *world*. And now, understand the *real concern* of *China*. *China* is talking of *help* to *India* today. Last year was also it was *infiltrating* in the *pandemic period*. After * kicking out* there, situation is so *improved* that it started to help us ???? *Pakistan* as *long time foe* and a *lame* talking of help to India ??. One very important reason is that *Modi* is not bowing down like *Trump*. The world's *Pharma Lobby, Oil Lobby and Arms Lobby* created this *pandemic* and *BlackLivesMatter* and *George Floyd* beat *Trump* by causing a terrible uproar in the *media* of the issues. Because *Trump* stood against these *lobbies*. Today the same people are following * Modi*. Do you know why? because ... ... the *business* of *pharma companies* is at least *4 to 6 trillion dollars (annually)*. Vaccine business of at least *1.25 trillion* was reduced to zero. The *PPE Kit* of *500 billion dollars* and *business* of *mask* was almost reduced. In the field of *medical* , *India*, who was suffering *loss* due to *self-sufficiency*..How did the country that always was extending alms has become a *vaccine* sharing country ??Undigestable isn't it ? Germany knows this pain on how India beat them* in the field of *Drugs*. Please think again. Going forward.. ... *75000 to 100000 charging stations* are being built for *electric vehicles* in India in the next 2 - 3 years which will reduce *oil* consumption by *30%*. This is a slap in the face of the *global oil lobby*. not only this... ... India has started *export* of *LCA fighter planes* and *BrahMos missile* which is proving to be a *massive setback* for the *global arms lobby*. *Modi* is a big *thorn* in the way of all these lobbies… ... and they firmly believe that this *thorn* can be removed only by *public anger*. Another aspect... Most people are now shown to be angry at *Modi*'s *rallies and campaigning* in *Assam* and *West Bengal* elections. But they have no understanding of *Geo Politics*. *15 crore Bangladeshis* and *Rohingyas* in *Assam* and *West Bengal* many *lakh intruders* have been made guests. ( *Didi* and *Raga/Soga* have also made *Aadhaar Card* for everyone.) Now looking into this sensitivity, *Assam* and *Bengal* are *perhaps* more important to India than it is to *Kashmir*. Search *"Chicken Neck"* on Google. "Believe it or not, the *second wave* of *Chinese disease* in India has been projected for Modi to *fail* on every front and to make it *civil war* in the country." It is a *dangerous game* of the *Maoists* of *China* and its *sleeper cells* hiding in India… Showing *24x7 dead bodies and oxygen deficiency* , *pandemic news* , the opposition parties and their governments are ignorantly (wantingly) co-conspiring with anti-Modi global lobbies. Why is the same *mother shown* dying as a *mother* of hundreds? Why only there is *crowd* in the *crematorium*? Some *70 tweets* alike surfaced Why that our *Mother* died *without oxygen* ?? *Tool Kit Gang* again *active* at whose *gesture*? Suddenly the *farmer* also returned to the *border of Delhi*? As soon as the *recovery scandal* surfaced in Maharashtra, Modi started winning *Bengal*. ...then *how* did the *pandemic* appear again ??? Brothern, this is a *conspiracy* Believe it or not !! This could be a *huge war*! I am not an *expert* but look at *situations* and think *why all of a sudden* this happened only with *India*… It can be a *formidable biological weapon* !!! After a short interval, this *fight* is going to go a long way. If the next *generation* is not to be made a *slave* then in that case… ... you understand very well what you have to do.
  6. Heard that 20+ teachers died in chittore District who attended election duties in tpt bi election
  7. Bayatikellinollaki kula pichi ekkuva... social media lo elle sagam daridram
  8. Picha lite 5k koka etc.... prove ayinaa peekedi emundadu.... sympathy votes peruguthaay :d
  9. 421c 250c... idoka case mallee deeniki aa sadist lawyer... Modi gaadi suit kharchulu kannaa thakkuva.... pushpaalaki inthakanna manchi case lu em dorakaledaa ?
  10. Aa scams annee mee party vaalla fake allegations ani proved na.... e.g. the biggest scam in Indian history 2g got cleared with the blessings of your modi Saab... You have to appreciate the guts of MMS to introduce information act.... which helped the nation but spoiled congress.... alaanti scheme mee party vaallu life time lo okkati introduce cheyyamanandi....