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  1. Mee modi ni unnecessary ga pogidi vaalla ni dooram cheskunnaadu cbn.... he didn't realise how cruel is modi
  2. Modi ninja son povaali first.... okavela gelichina esureddy lekka povaali
  3. Ide db lo more than 1 year back, Lokesh would do Padayathra in 2023 ante chaala mandi it will be too late, ipudu em peekuthunnaadu ani thittaaru.... but it proved that he started Padayathra at right time..... so now also we better to wait rather than hurrying.... we will have clarity On bjp/jaffa plan on prolonging cbn jail when it goes to SC next week... if no dismissal of the case in SC means we better leave CBN (also Lokesh if arrested) in jail and let the legal process goes on with legal team and other leaders to start election work with Brahmani as lead campaigner......
  4. + Rajasthan and MP... atleast one of them..... aa north gorrelu support cheyyakunda modi naa son ni dinchatam impossible
  5. Modi ki e paapam theliyadu..... BTW Hindus ni kaalchestha anna vaadi meeda case em ayindi?
  6. Is there any mention of 17a in the judgement?
  7. Don't expext much.... surrender to bjp and come out of jail or be in jail (incl Lokesh) until election and fight if you can....
  8. Aame max to max oka mla seat or mlc in future..... covert ga vachi em info gather chesuddi... she will not be given chance to participate innparty internal meetings... Jupudi ante yes we were trapped ... we gave him too much value for him in sc corp
  9. Lokesh better to come back to AP and be in public.... why is he still in Delhi?
  10. Shah saab chesina modi baaba khaatha ne ga
  11. High Court judgment postpone cheyyadam kooda jaggad talent e antaava ..... Dont you know from last 9 years how many celebrities have been given bail or cleared cases with the blessings of modi? From salman Khan ro kagnimoli.... baba blessings unnollaki clearances or stays or bails ... lenollaki new cases, arrests etc... You still think that baba is innocent
  12. Haa.. Likesh still in Delhi means something is there...
  13. Do you still think bjp is not behind this episode?
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