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  1. Picha lite 5k koka etc.... prove ayinaa peekedi emundadu.... sympathy votes peruguthaay :d
  2. 421c 250c... idoka case mallee deeniki aa sadist lawyer... Modi gaadi suit kharchulu kannaa thakkuva.... pushpaalaki inthakanna manchi case lu em dorakaledaa ?
  3. Aa scams annee mee party vaalla fake allegations ani proved na.... e.g. the biggest scam in Indian history 2g got cleared with the blessings of your modi Saab... You have to appreciate the guts of MMS to introduce information act.... which helped the nation but spoiled congress.... alaanti scheme mee party vaallu life time lo okkati introduce cheyyamanandi....
  4. Ee programme tdp cooked story ne anukundaam kaasepu... but still what's wrong in It? Tdp ki NDA lo unde situations unnaaya? Innaallu adukkuntaa unte CBN case la ki bhayapadi nda lo unnaaru ani edchaaru..... ipudu bayatikochi all sides central govt pressure peduthunte mallee CBN meedaa eduatstaaru..... asalu em kaavaali meeku? Parliament lo mps protest ki no proper response from bjp.... ministers resign chesinapudu no response ... paiga pk jaggad tho corner cheyyataaniki rojuki oka plan.... gathyantharam leka ninna bayatikochi full fledged fight start chesaadu cbn.... bayatikochaaka veela
  5. Journalists/anchors sontha agenda tho pani chesthaara ? Murthy abn ni vadili mahaa news lo join ayyaaka kooda abn agenda ne continue chesthaada?
  6. Mukkodini nammukunte kastam uncle... okko peg ki okkolaa behave chesthaadu.... if cbn goes to national politics before election then we can get decent MP seats in TG too if not MLA seats (If 3rd front projects cbn as pm candidate).... better to concentrate in that aspect instead of allie with KCR...
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