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  1. Ysr peddapuram lo tdp ni weak chedamu ani chepadu ade effect1 2014 lo jagan ki tagilindi.... Anaparthi+bikkavolu ycp 7k lead pedapudi+rangampeta tdp 8.5k lead....last counting kuda I've mandals
  2. ramachandrapuram mandal kajuluru konchem kapu ekkuva slightly.... K gangavaram mandal shettibalija ekkuva slightly..overall kapu 50 shettibalija 45 k
  3. 3rd frontu ledu federal front ledu UPA.NDA only two fronts in india rest time waste

  4. Happy Birthday Natural Beauty King NBK :

  5. The Only Hero In The History Of Indian Cinema Who Created Industry Records At The Age of only 20years... SIMHADRI-175 DAYS-52 Direct Centers On December 30,2003(At The Age Of 20Years 7 Months 10 days)-Still Unbeatable Record 100days-October 16,2003(At The Age Of 20years 3 Months And 27 Days)-148 Direct Centers.... The Only Star Hero At The Age Of 25 In Cruical Part Of His Film Carrerr He Stopped Shhots And Campaigned For A Political Pary Against The Ruling Party With Out Caring Negative Effects In Carrerr....That Is His Dedication And Dareness........ Inspite Of Another Opposition Party

  7. Ntr u also one of the person who worked a lot for tdp at the age of 25 inspite of effect on filmcarrerr
  8. Inka Ikada Kuda Evarikina JR pracharam chesi prathi chota vodipoyndi ani anakandi evarina ante Savadobbandi Mla 11 to 14 seats Khammam Mp
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