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  1. https://www.eenadu.net/general/latestnews/ap-corona-update/0600/121060556
  2. Guduru, Naidu peta, Sulluru peta SC constituency lu unnayi. They voted YCP last time. They are deciding factor.
  3. All wine shops owned by YCP played main role here. All local brands are by YCP. During elections if anyone from TDP brought more wine bottles, they informed police and they gave free to YCP volunteers and their party workers. Note: if you take cheap liquor from Andhra wineshops, ur life term is max 5 years.
  4. 1. Volunteers (they threatened people as they will remove pensions etc) 2. Police power (full support to YCP) ex: Addanki lo TDP youth ni last 2 days arrest chesaru. Jebulo 2000 rs unna teesukunnaru. Money distibute ledu 3. Leaders are silent ( they did not spend money. If they win also, they can't gain money as Ruthless YCP is in power for 3 years) 4. YCP spend Money distibution like Assemby. (ex: YCP spend 20 crores in proddutur as TDP did not spend 5 lakhs also) 5. TDP to bring new youth leaders. (YCP formed new party. all leaders from congress joined and only veryy less old leaders from Congress) 6. Silent rigging in some areas. YCP in power for 3 years. (they controlled elections mgmt apart from police, volunteers)
  5. Like all other big shots from Hyderabad supported to YCP under kcr direction. Jr NTR uncle spend crores of money to ycp candidates in 2019 assembly elections. Why you are supporting jr NTR.
  6. NBK shown true patriotism. He spend almost 10 days until counting and no anonymous. Win or lose secondary. If nbk control little bit anger, he is cm candidate after CBN. Lokesh or Jr are lite.
  7. Jaggadi ni lopala vestaro ledo? Veedu bayatiki rakunda anni vera Valletho chepistunnadu cruel things. 1 year lo cases telali ani undi. CBI, ED links chargsheet anna vesindi ledo? Courts aina adagaliga! Appude State bagu padiddi.
  8. 1.police power 2. YcP threatens to remove pensions & schemes 3.Still 3 more years in power 4.rigging and elections management Above few reasons.
  9. Waiting for Simha

  10. mama documentary enta varaku vachindi