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  1. Fish. Too bad. Na ex manager inthe chesadu. I started rejecting. Promotion degara pettadu as usual. I had to move to different company finally.
  2. Tired seeing these ap financially out posts. It's clear that as long as he is in power, he'll give salaries on time. Scams or whatever. Court teerpu etc people are least bothered. Edoti chesi estadu anthe
  3. Yesterday night. Hmm mana degara thread kuda ledu strange. Uma was arrested yesterday
  4. And now idiots will flock here targeting Maharashtra and Kerala. Rey mi edupu ni thengo vallidari degara em pikaleka vala mida PADI edavam thuth
  5. Dhavada dhaddojanam ayyedaka kottindi ga supreme court Oka CM ni
  6. Evaro okallu uncle. Miru anti aythe mi next generation Kuda avuddi. Valu aythe valla generation avudi makeste labhapadataru. Maku veyakapoyina memu labha padatam.
  7. Singham 2 interval scene.
  8. These people should be behind preparing speeches , outlining rules and strategizing. Public appearance is a prime aspect in politics. Very few people manage success without proper public appearance. That's a risk which no one should take instead play safe. I agree these people are hardcore and committed but they should be behind screens in dignified roles not on screens. Revanth sannasi errithanam valle tdp Telangana lo close ayndi but still all tdp cadre has soft corner for him. It'll remain till his death. Revanth is here to stay he will stay. Just matter of time.
  9. Jagan gadu pothe thella cheeralu kadataremo vidhavalu. Sorry vedhavalu. Somehow I cannot forget the Pain . I remember each and every video and status post 2019. Janala mida revenge teerchukodame
  10. Valla telivi gurinchi debate enduku Le uncle. Jai CBN anakapothe jai Modi antaru. Na moggagalla votes sadhinchalenapudu cheelchadame. Ysr gadi degara nunchi konni nerchukovali. Kcr gadi degara nunchi konni nerchukovali. miss avvani strategy idi rasipettukondi. And already most of the govt employees are not happy with the fact that these volunteer dogs claiming those jobs as govt ones. Oka govt association tho volunteers mida pressmeet petinchi proper coverage ivandi Leda make reels which are sentimental and circulate with promotions. Adavai nippu antukuntadi raja kgf style dhaga dhaga dhaga
  11. Revanth is immatured but he has that appearance and push which common people wants. People wants that athi. Jagan gadu pedda Buffon but still he has that leader stuff. Revanth pilla muthaka but he keeps on constantly hitting. I don't think that comes to people easily. You need to have guts too. Antha Guts unte e patiki e ayanna son uncle stuff vere level lo undali Lee uncle. These people cannot attract mobs. Irojullo kavalsinde adi. Lokesh is working his best purely for this thing only. Good that someone guided him well
  12. Okapudu la ledu ga janala mentality leader looks ki definition eh maripoyindi ga uncle anduke ga Lokesh babu ni kasta taggi beard penchamanedi this uncle chinnapillodi la matladatadu ipudu Miru andaru chepthe video chusa but still same feels
  13. Let them uncle. Split cheyadame
  14. Appatlo sirio ni esukundi this uncle eh ga.
  15. Cheap. PM candidate direct GA
  16. Fighter. When stars are against Kuda, he is shining. Vadidaina roju nalapadame
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