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CBN Arrest

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They will drag on for days antunnaru ga…. Aa remand report Lo 3 cases allegations pettaru, bail oka daniki vachina inko case Lo arrest chesetattu….. 

Files won’t be moved quickly & will take time as much as possible….. 

- Judge Sravan; 

Prepare for more days antunnadu

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REmand lo unnantha sepu Babbu gaariki security chesthaaara gattiganae jail lo ? NSG ni kooda bayatae pedite paristhithi ento ?

Kali kaalam.

antha ee gola lo unte, vaadu donga vote lani em chesthunnado.... Monna 2018 lo TG elections laaga, vote lu poyaayi, sorry cheppinattu malli 2024 lo idhae chedham ani anukuntunnaremo.

2024 lo enni dhonga vote lu untayyo, vunna vote lu enni pothayyo... ento.... inkenni rojulu choodaalu ee daridram....

Edited by AndhraBullodu
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