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  1. Congress vaadu votes divide chesadu Bad luck
  2. Great victory..... All credit to Mamta
  3. Nandigram -2 which has minorty votes will turn it for Mamta....
  4. Loksaata marati paper lo news fake ani vesaru Emotional issue kabbati l8 ....
  5. Fake ani prove ayindhi Still good ๐Ÿ™
  6. If that is the criteria.. Modi should resign ga Common sense
  7. TDP kanna BJP valaki more security kadha Bec central govt support vuntundhi
  8. Good to hear that Losing is okay... giving fight is important I feel result will boost TDP cadre ๐Ÿ‘
  9. It became a national news ... Yevaru dare cheyani time lo indirect ga chesina it matters Vijay cycle color plus past incidents valla it looked like a statement It was a political stunt... Which clicked in a big way His team is planning well ani chepali
  10. Yes... Possible BJP+Jensena will eat YCP votes only TDP candidate caste plus Nellore advantage
  11. AP lo aa threat vundhi TDP should focus there TG lite . ... It is TRS vs BJP anthe YCP vs TDP nunchi YCP vs BJP/JS rakunda chusukovali
  12. He can run it from behind... Keeping another dummy as boss Just a stunt anthe Bengal lo 100 radhu ane feeling.... Vasthe equal to win
  13. We used to play Cricket in front of their quaters We had frequent quarrels with them including one fight ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Kondigadi Ramulu ani Ibrahimpatnam MLA (RR dist) vundevaadu ... He was the only genuine communist in terms of earning money Nomula is commercial... Good or Bad don't know
  14. Didi will win BJP will come close
  15. But oka Bengal kodithe BJP will be back
  16. Farmers agitation nunchi opposition upper hand lo vundhi RG is getting stronger too