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  1. Lifted from group Hi All, I am checking my wife vote list daily in portal. Today they have removed her name. When we went and asked to mro office, they are saying she married to TS state so they will not give vote in AP this year. Keeping aside, they have removed 32 votes of my wife side family members who will vote for TDP. From our village they have removed 285 votes today.
  2. His wife called bhuvaneswari and spoke.. came in news
  3. Today CBN serial number in court is 89.... might be it will be around evening only
  4. Untill it goes to supreme court it won't get cancelled
  5. It's not about mlc or ministry... it's how ipac team has made him successfully call him pappu
  6. Jail DGP from tomorrow buggala Rajendra Reddy manaalludu.... previous person went on leave for 5 days... something going on
  7. Few people got it...known people in this way
  8. Yes.. those who got also they got 50-70 percent only..rest gone in to their pockets...but final status is mentioned as all dues cleared
  9. The same government employee told in 2019 contractor are against due to bill pending and other commission.... currently he told no words.. But in last term who didn't got money..in this term they have got the money due to share percentage basis.... they're happy with that as they got some money instead of nothing
  10. Lokesh also knows alliance will be there....2029 equations will be different....there might be a chance of ycp wash out....bjp also might not form government in 2024
  11. Had a discussion with government employees.... 2019 Election: They joined as a group and made every one to vote for jagan. Reason CBN tortured like anything. They plan to leave at 05:00pm then suddenly after 05 he used to plan the meetings. So it used to become 9 or 10pm. No ugadi,no sankranthi. So they thought to come out of this situation and votes for jagan as he takes more care of government employees like his father Present situation: This term torture is more than CBN. Currently they feel like CBN ruling is very far better. It seems everyone are scolding jagan.No proper salaries, not giving money No hikes, benefits etc.... Disappointed with the current government.previous government is better. Jagan has a plan to increase retirement age until 65. He himself said no use...as he is unable to give money properly, pensions also. So no use in increasing as they also won't get money Jagan schemes in villages: few people are happy giving pension by coming to home.... ration vans disaster...they put somewhere the van and telling to come there..it is same as getting items from ration shop Finally he said compare to all YSR took very good care of employees
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