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  1. Not she Sandhya is he.....this guy also big fraud...he grabbed lands from common people in Gachibowli....many cases are there in him.... Sandhya construction, Sandhya convention,etc etc
  2. One of my friend from penamluru he is supporter TDP....before 2019 election he told he won't vote for bode... reason is for 2014 election they worked for him...but after election he never cared to give appointment or done any works in support of cadre...he told this kind of things happened to many..not only him....in 2019 election, whole of his family voted for ycp due to angry on him..
  3. This month for all 108 ambulance drivers he has given all pending salaries... there salaries were pending for more than 3 months... This month he has cleared
  4. 1 week before ycp handles posted March 10th very important day..and note it down....March10th midnight they started this...it seems very well planned
  5. After domuru murder....he raised his voice against it strongly and tried to visit the place...so government is pressuring police to arrest in anyone of the case as soon as possible....
  6. Next Sunday we will have good run..as it is deepavali
  7. Today video are very good.. until today I didn't see his videos on tv9....even he slammed tv9 Krishna Reddy
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