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  1. AUS vs ScO BAN vs NEP two imp mattches
  2. I think CBN is under pressure to do this PK central influence valla looking bad le
  3. AFG qualifies NZ first big team out of WC they always have good record at WCs
  4. ENG chased Target of 50 in 3 overs no run rate issue now needs to beat Namibiyq to qualify good comeback
  5. BAN win against NED almost qualified
  6. IND - WI - Scotland - BAN mostly group 1
  7. BAN vs NED winner will be qualify for next stage anukunta BAN batting first'
  8. may be but teams like WI, AFG or BAN can pull off surprises AUS geliathe boring result 😔
  9. 107 target for Pak new opener today
  10. next 8 teams round nunchi interest ravachu Indian politics was more entertaining this week ... people are still discussing that only
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