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  1. Best thing for RCB is to get Abhishek Sharma and may be Riyan Parag or Rinku Singh or Shivam Dube and have 2 strong overseas batsman…
  2. Ade bhayam..both of them will try to do that in Chinnaswamy and end up scoring 50 of 40 balls each… overall 180 untadi score ante
  3. Senseless… Kohli and KL in same t20 team isn’t a right thing.. both of them will try to stabilise the innings and by the time they look back, 20 overs ipoyai 😝
  4. Enti eh thread lo eh gola.. elections ipoyai ga..inka eh gola enduku
  5. His video on that Santi and Madan issue is hilarious
  6. Aug 15th ki publicity ribbon cutting chestara enti…
  7. Dravid should have continued till 2025 WTC…eh Gambhir gadu edo penta chesela unnadu..
  8. Is this Gambhir effect 😝😝
  9. He will le…and Scoloni knows how to use him…next two years, Messi will also play in a way he will survive.. But 2026 WC willl be challenging..Spain will be strong..France will obviously be as usual.. Brazil and Uragay will be strong… Argentina will have to be very determined and many should continue the form for them to have any chances
  10. Maa Jagan anna only 25 rs penchadu.. mee pk 250 pechesadu
  11. Ledu bro..Mumbai, Delhi all are like that… Chennai passed a bill long back not to have tkt prices over a specific range..that was passed more than 10 years back and they didn’t bother to touch it..there won’t be as much lobbying by that industry as we do…
  12. Can’t help bro..movies in theatre are a one week thing..so they have to earn as much as they can in that week ante… generally, pre Covid, I used to watch almost every movie in theatre…now, not even 6 movies in an year…OTT effect and costs…so vacheyala degira enta voste anta lakuntunnaru ante..
  13. Induke Jagan anna ni support cheyali 😝😝
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