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  1. 2:30min peak comedy.. ee batch inka trance lone unnaru
  2. Bjp asked ycp to mobilise crowds for PM’s bhimavaram visit on july 4th.. they have very clear understanding
  3. Fractional of our consumption and india’s state owned refineries are not designed for russian bourne oil.. we cant import large volumes from russia even at deep discount.. low API, shipping costs trippled (3x) from russia (highly expensive as well Vs saudi), low storage capacity of India, deeper currency inflation.. mana vallu iran ni mosam chesinattu, russia nunchi free gas dobbestaru dorikinantha varaku with deferred payment scheduled in future.. andina kadiki dochukovatame.. future lo pay cheyalsina time vachinappudu, 50% kante cheyaru.. mana blood lone undhi
  4. Can we create a single short video compiling all the remarks about NTR? It shall be a great to show everyone about NTR getting these compliments from Day 1.
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