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  1. IT/ED/CBI alert ga unnai ani thekisi kuda 100c intlo pettukunnadu.. surprising!!
  2. Kakkurthi gadu.. oka vaipu Dr Reddys lanti humble and inspiring families.. oka vaipu ilanti neech kameene greedy reddy businessmen you can judge them by their associations.. some will never learn from past
  3. Evaru vellantha.. Bakth ka Chashma batch lanunnaru
  4. His father YV Chandrachud is ex-CJ.. Dhananjay Chandrachud is known to be very very straight forward.. he is capable of taking tough decisions irrespective of whether it is Modi/ anyone
  5. Nobel for Chemistry - inventing biogas making from sewage canal
  6. Tribal rules in f’ed up modern world creates revolutions Post-Jasmine revolution and fall of north african muslim dictators, many countries were suffering in hands of is-is
  7. We are talking of centre milking on basic crude cost.. that equates multiple of what you are saying
  8. Crude Oil dropped from $122 to $87.. pindestunnaru jananni base price tagginchakunda btw India started rejecting so called Russia crude from this month due to high shipping costs
  9. Can we create a single short video compiling all the remarks about NTR? It shall be a great to show everyone about NTR getting these compliments from Day 1.
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