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    Jaffa Pressmeet anta

    editing avvaleda, leka editing ayyaka footage emi migalleda
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    Thank your stars

    Nuvvu ee sari rakapodame manchidaindi …….asalu oka direction padu lekunda area ki sambandam lekunda prati okkadu edupe edupu…...Jaffa gadu Govt Bonds 600 crores value vi pedithe bank lu 60 crores istamannaranta…..eedi daggara ippudu Govt employees ki salary lu iyataniki dabbullevu…...CBN unte kinda meeda padi adi chesi idi chesi Teeskochevadu ee siggumalina janalki…..ippudu aa badha ledu happy ga rest teesko ….Enjoy the best Time of your life😁
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    Ranku mogudu em chesina sammaga untadi . Mogudu okka mata anna egiripadtharu
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    KCR Pressmeet

    paracetomol vesukondi chaalu annapudu yevadi M kudusthunaru appudu alanti lite statements ivvabatte janalu light teesukunnaru...so first army ni dimpi yevariki dimpali idhi yela undhi ante Katthi tho podichi malli maname surgery chesi thopu ani bhajana cheyatam
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    Pic of the day 😍

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    On this point I agree. I believe people, at least in Krishna and Guntur, are fed up with lack of economic activity. I am guessing the situation is same everywhere in Andhra. It is imperative we have to turn them to our side. Invest in social media and traditional (TV channels) with a long term plan. Not just the short-term over the top marketing content with TDP and CBN logos, which doesn't reach many people. Plan to generate targeted content to cater to each segment (read caste) and try to channelize the day-to-day frustrations of people against YCP. This will generate the required swing silently. Someone, please let CBN know that frequent press meets with solutions to current problems are not helpful. He is not the CM any more, but is getting exposed. He was already over-exposed and that is not good in terms of behavioral marketing. Micro-management is his bane. He needs to learn how to delegate. Ask the secondary leadership to take over the media management (of course those with the required talent).
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    Royal Nandamuri

    Sannasi Sai again

    Expose cheyyakapothe neutral musugu lo ilanti vallu chese damage chala ekkuve untundi, danni kooda publicity ani oorukunte chapa kinda neeru la vadi pani vadu chesuku pothadu
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    Taraka Ramudu NTR

    NTR Garu. RTC ni independent organization ga chesi complexes every town lo undali ani reform sesina vyakti. Market Yards build sesina CM Gurukul Schools for tribals, BCs ki start sesina first CM APRJC ni start sesi rural youth ki free education ichina CM. Teachers ki Salaries penchina first CM Liquor Probation sesi maata meeda nilabadina First CM 1 HP motor ki 50 Rs electricity bill only ani start chesina CM Equal rights for women in properties chesina first CM Handir Neeva, Telugu Ganga Starts chesina first CM 2 Rs KG Rice ichina CM Entho mandi poor peoples ki 5 lac pakka houses ani start sesi fiver years lo built chesi ichina CM feudal system ga unna Munsab-Karanam system, Patel-Patwari systems ni abolish chesi Mandals create chesina CM (reason brahmins hate TDP) TTD ni complete reform sesina only CM Telugu Film Industry Hyderabad lo undali ani pattu batti Hyd lo studios anni vochela hard work sesina CM. EAMCET ni start chesina first CM most loss making govt. industries ni privatize sesina CM (alwynn sold to M&M) Reduced Govt. employees retirement age to 55 from 58. (reason govt. employees hate TDP). banned Govt school teachers having participation in private schools, tuition centers etc. NTR is the only CM that did not XXXX to strike by teachers. He used NGO association to run exams and teaching when govt. teachers are in strike. (reason all teachers hate TDP) Vizag Steel Plant kosam lobby sesi all facilities ichi establish ayyela pani sesina CM. inka chaala chesadu. enni chesina mana telugu vallu ane chesadu. Anduke Legend ga maaradu. NTR gariki vari jayanti sandarbham ga subhakankshalu.
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    Royal Nandamuri

    Begging in America

    Acid reflux A digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining. Symptoms may include Heartburn and acid reflux Indigestion Bitter taste What is the home remedy for stomach burning? Drink a cup of ginger tea as needed to soothe your stomach and get rid of indigestion. Other options include sucking on ginger candy, drinking ginger ale, or making your own ginger water. Boil one or two pieces of ginger root in four cups of water. Add flavor with lemon or honey before drinking.
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    its great to see people knowing terms like difficult situations.. bad times... etc... when ap people starting thinking like this?? adige dammu leka sarduku povatam alavatu chesukunnara?? adigithe g** pagala kodatadu ani bhayama?? ayinaa.. ade kada majority people choose chesindi... i suppose when entire world is booming, AP is left alone with deficit 6 years back, that is the most tough time for AP guys... Every a** hole tortured CBN and they wanted more and more without doing work... they want salary increase, AC busses/trains, 2 houses at 2 places, some would have asked 2 wifes also.. if it doesn't rain, its CBNs fault.. if IT jobs are coming, then it is because of boom, but not because of CBN's vision.. CBN dabbulu iste, pocket lo nunchi istunnada?? adi janala dabbu annaru... mari ippudu mee dabbule meeku ivvtledu ga.. why all your holes closed and kept quite? lekpothe manam yeppudu money generate cheyyaledu ani relalize ayyara?? i suppose thats the reason now CBN is out of power, and hope he is peaceful, and let people enjoy their choices...
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    Jagan ki gaddi pettina Hindu

    Penta tine vaadiki gaddi oka lekka aaa
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    CBN efforts AMTZ vizag

    Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone Limited #AMTZ #Vizag #Andhrapradesh. Which was established by #CBN in 2016 and fully operational by 2018-19. Now it is One of the largest medical devices and equipment manufacturers hub in india. Today in this tough times it is life line to whole India in providing Masks, PPE kits, ventilators, TestingKits etc. No one Expected this pandemic. This is vision and responsibility, how governance should be. కుల పిచ్చి ఉన్నోళ్లు ద్వేషించుకోవొచ్చు వాటికీ కాలమే సమాధానం . ప్రెస్ మీట్ లో మాటల మరాఠి కాదు, బిగ్ బాస్ స్టంట్ మాస్టర్ కాదు .. All politicians in India wearing #madeinandhra N95 mask will tell why educated class admire him so much. Unfortunately masses can't understand this Then in #Andhra #Chandrababunaidu https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/national/cm-naidu-to-inaugurate-ap-medtech-zone-today/article25727546.ece/amp/?espv=1 Now in #Andhra they are utilizing it. https://m.eenadu.net/latestnews/AP-Minister-Goutham-Reddy-Pressmeet/1600/120047224
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    Thank your stars

    Lokam lo Ill minded people ekkuva aipoyaru. (Even me😄) Enni chesina nakenti antaru They will never care about the policy makers.. Ee time CBN lenanduku Happy.. Manasika ashanthi create chedduru e time ki.. Closet observing people mentality nowadays..they don't deserve good leadership. Mike pattukoni manchiga matadithe chalu.. Super antaru..Ground level lo ela vunna Sare.. Have a nice time my Leader... Don't talk anything more on Corona.. Manchiga time spend cheyyu manavaditho.. Meru enni cheppina vinaru... Meru Stastitics cheptaru.. Prajalaku avvi avasaram ledhu.. Rendu pitta kathalu.. Vikas dampudu vupanyasalu kavali... Bade leader. CBN don't know how to play kabaddi with people emotionally.. There he lagging.. God Bless Us
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    Phone call to fan latest one..
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    CBN Velthunnada Monday Andhra Ki ???

    Not required... stay at home. Why worry abt ppl, when ppl them self's doesnt care about them
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    Worst to the core

    nenu chinna example cheputha....utube channel start cheddam ane edo gula tho started...andulo first lone konthamandi jagan ki against ga news aithey memu undam annaru....konthamandi start ayyaka...govt ki against ga news vesthey issues avuthunnai...personal ga problem avuthundi...vaddule antunanru...konathamandi upload memu cheyam issues avuthai antunnaru....overall ga...educated uth lo kooda jagan ante oka bhayam vachesindi....ekkado dhooramga unde maname jagan gadiki antha bhayapaduthundi...inka local ga unna cadre ....aadiki bhayapadi party maratam, silent avatam pedda thappuga choodalemu....he was successful in creating terror among people....and it helps him...u may be still wondering how he won in 2024....if it continues....tdp is not giving any moral boost to the cadre...and cbn and lokesh can not tackle him.....only gorantla, diwakar reddy, rammohan naidu lanti vallu aithey ne emanna chances untai...malal vachi edhava sodi modalettakandi.....cadre morale mathram poorthiga down....only positive twitter konchem active ayyaru...thanks to anigalla.....
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    How RTGS could have avoided deaths

    Waiting for that Day,when baffas will face the karmic justice for the blatant injustice done to my state.
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    Sannasi Sai again

    i am kamma and i never really cared about caste , but now a days , i feel like to better settle in karnataka for a peaceful and cordial life. jews lekka treat chestunnaru , kontamandi lo oka envy chustunam better kammas realise it better and should plan for a safer place for next generation. i really dont know the reason why the situations are like this. most of the people are anti kamma , its very pathetic to be treated like this , and it saddens some times.
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    ఈళ్ళ మామ బర్రె ల్యాండ్ అప్పజెప్పలేదని కొన్ని రోజులు, ప్రహారి గోడ కట్టలేదని ఒక సంవత్సరం, డీ పీ ఆర్ అవ్వలేదని ఒక సంవత్సరం, టెండర్లు పడలేదు అని ఒక సంవత్సరం, గ్రీన్ ట్రిబ్యునల్ అనుమతి కి ఒక సంవత్సరం ఈళ్ళ సార్థం, ఈళ్ళ పిండాకూడు ఎన్ ఐ టి కట్టేశారు, ఇప్పుడు మీ మామ బఱ్ఱె యూనివర్సిటీ కట్టండి