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    మేము ప్రకటించిన రాజధానిలో మీ నాయకుడు బిక్కు బిక్కుబిక్కుమంటూ తిరుగుతున్నాడు, మీరు ప్రకటించిన రాజధానిలో మా నాయకుడు సింహంలా తిరుగుతున్నాడు.
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    Finally S 386 passed in Senate

    Okay guy’s let me tell you one thing. We did so much hard work for this bill as a member of Immigration Voice. Trump administration was favor of this bill and Trump wanted to sign this bill. For several dirty political reasons had many blocks all these years and we are not done yet. I was in DC for more than 30 times for meeting senators, congressmen and some DHS officials to educate about this bill and seeking for cosponsor ships. We came very far with hard work of IV team and I am a part of that. I am very proud to be and happy to work with some great guy’s in the IV across the USA. We are one step closer to the finish line. Just imagine how much efforts we put to remove Country Cap from the immigration system in this country. This is going to be a History and I am one of the Frontline fighter. I feel like TDP won the election! Jai TDP and jai NTR
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    akhil ch

    Panchayathi elections ki ok

    Ucha posaka chivarlo idilinche rendu chukkalu BJP batch rendu okate
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    Tirupathi Survey Report

    Btw, total 101.9 vadtundi 😀
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    రాష్ట్ర వ్యాప్తంగా బీజేపీ కార్యకర్తల ఆందోళనలు. అందరినీ అదుపులోకి తీసుకొని ఒకటే ఆటోలో తీసుకెళ్లిన పోలీసులు 😂 😂 😂
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    Afghanistan new PM

    Manodiki Telugu states lo gelavaali ante vemana getup eyyali ani seppandi
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    We are doomed agin and lost battle! We are not giving up and getting ready for next battle. Planning to introduce as a new bill in new congress. We are trying not to start from scratch ( want to start where we left in this Congress). It is not easy to pass a bill in the Congress and senate and we came to very close to the finish line! Dirty politics and lazy Indian community killed it. Let’s start again and hope for the best! 2021 here we are coming!
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    list lo modi name ledhaa?
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    Finally S 386 passed in Senate

    We are having very stiff apposition from all the corners including so called Indian groups along with Iranian groups. Even though we came this far. We are( immigration Voice) relentlessly working behind the scenes to push to the finish line. I can only say we are very close to it. Trump is not going to Veto this bill. I can’t share more than this here
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    Bolineni Tiger

    CBN opened up completely

    Finally menu 1 year back thread vesa ide jaragalani
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    CBN on 🔥

    CBN is fighting.... a true TDPian will back his efforts. We did enough soul searching on last 1 year, time to unite and rally behind leader
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    World Leaders Thank Modi

    mundhu india lo sarigga cheyara xxxx....tharvatha baita edudduvugani....sannasi..india mothanni sankka nakinchav nee tea cup thelivithetalatho....kashmir nunchi kanyakumari daka okkadu happy ga ledu....ee online bhajan sanghalu okati malla
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    Okka chance ivochu easy ga

    At least he is facing public and media. oka sannaasi unnadu .. photo shoots tho time pass chesthu.. free paada poojalu cheyinchuKuntunnaadu😂
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    Ram Temple Donations

    Ayithey bramaravati lekka idi kuda complete avadanna mata
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    CBN opened up completely

    Anti kamma vote consolidate chesadu Jagga...anti Christian vote consolidate avvali....tappadu veedi welfare tattukivalante Edo oka emotion vundali.....balayya kuda rendu slokalu vadilithe bjp batch delhi velluddi