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    Pvp tweeted & deleted

    Sakshi lo Esina prateeee pulka news ni vallu blind ga trend chestaaru...... manollu untaaru..... Einstein datta puthrulu, Kalam Gari dahottulu laaga feel avtaaru!
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    list prepare chesthadu.. vallani mana party loki tecchi kalisi pani cheyandi kottukokunda antadu..
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    KTR guest house

    Bro. Neeku idea lenappudu enduku prati thread lo CBN gurunchi matladathavu. I also don't like CBN but i never talk in bad faith about TDP. it's big scam. its not 10 acres but 25 acres in the area designated as conservation zone by GO 111 (Which is given by CBN during 1995-2000 term). The reason these are designated as such is becoz they fall unter catchment areas of drinking resoirvoirs bult for Hyderabad CIty. and to make sure that all rain and water sources are preserved and flows into drinking resorvoirs. now in the past 5 years, KTR illegaly built 100 ft roads into these 111 GO area and took bribes so that builders can make plots and sell them. This is a big scam by KTR. Why you are supporting him blindly? CBN may be spineless but he never does this type of brainless and selfish acts. bringing CBN name here is irrational and irresponsible. CBN tried to protect drinking water for HYD where as KTR is destroying it.
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    EVM tampering

    Ok tampering kaadu 6 months back Delhi ni clean sweep chesina BJP now why 15 seats ke parimitamunadi.and 6 months back anni states lo gelupondina BJP why lost states obe by one .even telangana lo 4 mp seats geliche anta balam BJP ki unda? Mari a balam muncipols lo emaindi ? Daya chesi local elections favour to ruling party ani cheppavaddu.state lo ruling lo TRS unte central lo BJP undi ani gurtunchukondi.not only In telangana north lo kooda BJP chala places lo local elections lo BJP vodipotundo because local pols conducted in ballot paper
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    KCR Pressmeet

    paracetomol vesukondi chaalu annapudu yevadi M kudusthunaru appudu alanti lite statements ivvabatte janalu light teesukunnaru...so first army ni dimpi yevariki dimpali idhi yela undhi ante Katthi tho podichi malli maname surgery chesi thopu ani bhajana cheyatam
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    In 2017, a total of US$68.968 billion was made in remittances to India from other countries, and a total of US$5.710 billion was made in remittances by foreign workers in India to their home countries, for a net inflow of $63.258 billion. ee remittances lekunte RBI forex reserves xxxxx naki poiddi.... Petrol & imported essentials ippati rate kante entha ekkuva vuntayo.... chusi matladandi koncham
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    నిజం మాట్లాడేవాడు ద్రోహి అయితే భజన చేసేవాడు గు* కింద మందుపాతర
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    Opposition lo undaga ilanti dialogues kotti ...power ochina tarvata niti vakyalu.....anduke cadre ki nammakam poyindi
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    Congrats Dravidict bro

    XXXXX edupulu edavatam kaadu ilantivi chesi edanna cheppu ...anthegani aadangi XXXXX laaga kcr jagan l’anti lafagalni mostha tdp meeda edavaka... malla maa oorlo meme tdp ki dikku anaku..tdp raktham unna evadu nee laa pravarthinchadu..neeraj is not regular tdpian but he did good job than dhandupalyam..adi imp
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    Jagan ni nettina pettukunna meeku converted batch ni tittey hakku ekkada undhi bro....
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    Jaffa Vs Byreddy Daughter

    Gorantla buchaiah chowdary @GORANTLA_BC · 2h సుప్రీంకోర్టు వేసిన మొట్టికాయకి వచ్చిన గడ్డ కి "నిమ్మ"గడ్డ రాసుకుంటున్న పేటియం బ్యాచ్. అసలు సుప్రీంకోర్టు ని రద్దు చేసే విషయం పై తీవ్ర చర్చోపచర్చలు చేస్తున్న భజన బృందం This is వాస్తవం అధ్యక్షా! It comes and it goes this is నిరంతర ప్రక్రియ.
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    Digajarudu gurinchi tamaru cheppoddu paracetmol fan!
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    Sriramulu daughter wedding

    This is the first reason I started hating Modi! He promised of fast track courts and punish those financial terrorists. Nothing happened. My eyes got opened when Gali Janardhan did 500 Cr wedding just after Demonetization. My opinion on Modi strengthened after I saw Jagan roaming free and ViSa doing back door dealings in PMO. Modi is a farse!
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    jashua poem - Jagan Modi KCR

    గుణం లేని వాడు (జగన్) - కులం గొడుగు పడతాడు మానవత్వం లేని వాడు (మోడీ) - మతం ముసుగు వేస్తాడు పస లేని వాడు (కెసిఆర్) - ప్రాంతం ఊసు ఎత్తుతాడు
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    దణ్ణం పెట్టి అడిగితే మారతారా.... జనం మారరు అని పిచ్చ క్లియర్ నేను... కాని మీరు ఇలా బేలాగా అయిపోతే కార్యకర్తలు భయపడతారు.... మారాల్సింది జనం కాదు మీరు రాజకీయం మారింది అని గమనించాలసింది మీరు అధికారం ప్రజల కోసం కాదు,పార్టీ కోసం అని గమనించాలసింది మీరు మీరు మారితే చాలా మారతాయి...మీరు మారుతారా లేదా అనేది చాలా గొప్ప.మార్పులకు నాంది అవుతుంది....కానీ మీకు ప్రజలు వీక్నెస్....మాకు జెండా వీక్నెస్ !! ఖర్మ అంతే !!
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    Mass fans

    I hope in your POV even Ramudu kuda chetakaani vaadu avvali.... 1. Aranya vaasam cheyyamanna tandriki eduru cheppe bxxx leni vaadu.... 2. Ravanudu Sita ni ettukelthey..... elli Ravanasurudi pellanni ettuku raaleni xxxxx anthegaa??? you are fans of factionist and you live factionist acts. Instead of condemning them, it’s pity that you folks get attracted to these thugs. The big joke is, you blame youth of one community who gets attracted to Jihad!
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    I have been following this DB since 13yrs+...I have never seen such an idiot entertained this long and allowed to post stupid stuff..
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    Itself is speaking that people are repenting... they are unhappy with this pichi thuglak. The politician in CBN must capitalize the situation and the ground reality. How well he uses it... need to see. If he is successful in this, i hope he can bring a revolt and it might be end to Thuglak rule ASAP. See this Video... the way people are going crazy on seeing CBN... i have never seen this craze for him before.... he is not that charismatic leader to get this reception.... the only reason for this reception is - People seeing RAM in him when they experienced RAVANA'S rule as someone commented in Twitter also. https://twitter.com/JaiTDP/status/1230098760891392000?s=08
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    Pvp tweeted & deleted

    Puliharo Daddojanamo edoti . 2019 lo AP 50% Ilanti fake news lu namme vadiki vote vesaru...edoti try cheyyanivvali...Ilanti chusite anna Jagan avineethi Janam marchipokunda vuntaru...
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    Compare this response with 2005 and 2010. Did we get that huge response back then after defeats ? problem with TDP fans - always look for holes in dosa!
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    CBN to start Busyatra

    Man, CBN is always inspirational.. failures and successes are common in life, the way he is keeping up the morale and resuming the work is great 👍 And its good that he started with our Prakasam district. happy to see huge crowd. Hope we concentrate on strengthening the party during these tours.
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    kurnool NTR

    Who is Andhra CM?

    Yes he receiving lot of letters from CBI court
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    Ram Murthy Naidu but would it be possible in the real world to give away power to someone..not related..never Brahmini oratory skills are not great too..jr no hopes and cadre has no confidence on his integrity..Lokesh successfully branded as rahul 2..Nbk no political aspirations..if he has..cbn should make him main face and should take care of back office puran lost life time opportunity..okavela party thone undi untey as rebel..cadre nethina pettukune vallu ilanti time lo..still no alt to cbn..so stop unnecessary discussion and strengthen cadre, effectively use local leaders..roju media mundhu thaggisthe cbn good..let others talk and voice out party opinions..he should focus on party more now let local and sec grade leaders fight on streets..his health and directions are more imp than silly press meets
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    ఈళ్ళ మామ బర్రె ల్యాండ్ అప్పజెప్పలేదని కొన్ని రోజులు, ప్రహారి గోడ కట్టలేదని ఒక సంవత్సరం, డీ పీ ఆర్ అవ్వలేదని ఒక సంవత్సరం, టెండర్లు పడలేదు అని ఒక సంవత్సరం, గ్రీన్ ట్రిబ్యునల్ అనుమతి కి ఒక సంవత్సరం ఈళ్ళ సార్థం, ఈళ్ళ పిండాకూడు ఎన్ ఐ టి కట్టేశారు, ఇప్పుడు మీ మామ బఱ్ఱె యూనివర్సిటీ కట్టండి
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    I don’t think they are leg pullers. Generally they are afraid that someone will kindal them and that may hurt their intellectual reputation! same batch - N movies ki kuda Rod estaaru. Mana movies lo manamey bokkalu etakatam..... on other hand praise others movies which have even more flaws.