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    Yea cute in potti dayaru
  2. Last night I was chased by black cobra and it bites me on my left leg. Not sure what it means 🤔
  3. Maavodi ki ticket eekapote indipendent ga esi mingutam
  4. Eenadu not covering any news even the own cadre raising voice against TDP not good
  5. Let him go to corn industry akkada trolling undadu
  6. Unna danne laakkunte unchukunnadanto em Pani annai
  7. Andaru saava mingi sevulu moose volle - This is expected
  8. Annai, He is not asking for tpt ticket. Just showing the impact to bosses. If no ticket given he will resign to the party, he will wait until nomination day.
  9. Same guy changal Rayudu, he is also having good hold in tirupati.
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