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  1. predicting the second wave is our system failure. Nidrapothunnaru
  2. That will always be the question for many more months. Nobody knows. Few believes few doesn’t. You can only leave it up to the people during these times.
  3. Enti on par. Oka dose esi rendodhi dorikithe eskondi ledante savandi anadama
  4. Pandemic handling debatable aa It’s disaster. There’s no forward looking in any matter. Handling of migrants, & now this vaccine distribution are utter shame for PMO.
  5. Ee daridrudiki thread kooda bokke. Selfish, Pump & Dump candidate
  6. Dhoola theerindhi edavalaki
  7. nakaithe drama artist feels
  8. power lo ki osthe thokkestham ane bhayam theesukuravali ittanti loafers ki. cbn methaka politics valla ikkadi daka ochindhi
  9. Bjp won’t let that happen until they get to 2nd spot in AP.
  10. Capital farmers antha TDP vallena nee lekkalo No wonder people bought ycp cheap tricks. I know a bunch of CRDA families and people who worked/ voted for ysrcp in 2019. They are clueless about what jagan did to them. He doesn’t give a fk about anyone. Edho velli aadi kallameedha padithe settle aipoye evvaram kadhu adhi