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  1. Part2 announced kikiki
  2. Daily muzik enti uncle. Strongest team pettukuney wc peekam monna. T20 meedha evadiki hopes levv elagu. Picha lite.
  3. Tushar gaadni pp lo bowling eyinchi wkts ratalledhu ante etta osthayi aadi overs mundhe avakoduthunnaru kabatte death lo bowling improve ayyindhi.
  4. Rahul gaadu senseless idiot. Over first two balls 6 & 4 but still ended with only 11 runs.
  5. Gadde also doing good. Family 4 members doing full day
  6. Ninna sujana nomination kummesaranta spending left right it seems! Eeroju chinni nomination
  7. Leru going with 10 batsman and Bumrah. Every batsman gets 2 overs and score 30+ runs. 20 overs 320+ set chestham. Kohli, Rohit, Bumrah, Tilak Varma, Abhishek will bowl and defend 320s with luck.
  8. Aado IPL bully ani theliyatla kikiki.
  9. Exactly. Evadu propose chesina ep plan ee impact player. Asale part time bowlers leru ra team india lo ani edusthunte all rounders ke chance lekunda chesaru.
  10. Somewhere between captaincy transition from Rohit to Pandya, Akash Madhwal lost his career
  11. Kxip’s game from here. Still 2 overs left between pandya, shepherd, madhwal. Bumrah over safe aadesthe game over
  12. Mastaru aa stadium lo highest IPL score adhi Ee season 250+ games choosi ila aipoyaru janalu
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