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  1. 4$ ? Or 40$? imax 35, dolby 40 maku. Regular 28
  2. Oka 10$ ekkuvaina Dolby Cinema lo ne choodandi chance unte. You will not regret it.
  3. I watched first time in regular amc screen. Not even comparable.
  4. eNterTaineR

    US batchey

    Don’t miss the movie in Dolby Cinema. Next Level Dhommalu adhuruthayi ante idhenemo
  5. Across US same time starting shows. 1:30EST standard max. Chanu dhi 15 mins mundhu undhi anta schedule.
  6. apprx 2:15AM IST ki US lo 1st show complete aipoddhi
  7. More than one lakh people will be watching RRR premiers in US tomorrow
  8. Cinema lo matram evadu vadukodu timing. Antho intho RV first half, Kusa scenes.
  9. 4 years frustration tharuvatha bidda ki vidudhala. Fans will get senseless high
  10. There are two types of pain: sort of pain that makes you strong and useless pain.sort of pain that gives only suffering. I have no time for useless things.

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