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  1. Ee actual indiagaadu js anukunte peddha ipac covert la unnadu ga. Ilantollu inkenthamandi sacharo
  2. Vijayawada East Maaku thelisina valle working to check the votes regularly at booth level. As of now good.
  3. After this nonsense, decided to travel to india and vote if possible work kooda cheddham anukuntunna couple of weeks for party
  4. neutrals need to be educated properly on this issue. I think cadre is already working.
  5. Hindenburg gaadu already lottery kottadu le. Aaditho paatu bil ackman gaadu kooda unnattunnadu. Open statement ichadu report meedha idhi pakka scam ye ani
  6. Ochadandi sanga samskartha he meant clean chit to adani go ahead & make adani files now
  7. This is more like family circus now!
  8. Maybe adani himself shorting at this point
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