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  1. Pedda panchayithi ne avtha undhi
  2. Good read of different views in replies.
  3. Twitter lo ninne another discussion choosa. American men are preferring asian origin or immigrant woman for marriage ani…. when the vance vp news came out
  4. Heavy discussion going on here
  5. Aa range discussions with colleagues antey aatagaadive uncle
  6. This thella bochu dwag is still actively making caste comments. Evadaina emaina peekedhi undha
  7. Shankar career lo first disaster emo ga ram hassan gaadiki kooda padali okati
  8. Isss common. Evadiki evadithonu padadhu ee world lo. Be it between place, race, caste, religion, relatives, colleagues, sport, gender, color what not. Social media and increase in desi population valla kotthaga ochinattu anipisthundhemo
  9. Same pinch aina oka company ceo vi neekenduku GOM uncle inko job
  10. Did he join TDP? At least after tdp started releasing list of candidates? He himself expected that tkt from bjp. Aa seat kosam max try chesaru kooda. Aallu iyyaledu. Last ki mana confirmed tkt ni adjust chesam. He should be thankful for that.
  11. Emi iyyavasarledu asalu etu telchukokunda last minute dhaaka, tkt adjust chesudey ekkuva aa time lo
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