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  1. repu inok tikkalodu ilaanti rule AP lo pedithey?? Checking for opportunity in crisis is good and appreciated, but being a next gen leader focus more on advising or voicing more on fixing these silly tactics played by political parties.
  2. Daniki kuda GST esthademo ammamma
  3. List lo other RRR & Animal in general Akhanda
  4. Feel like Tirupati international airport is must to encourage more tourists directly tirupati.
  5. ledappaa, maralaa ee naa konde gaadi statues vasthaayi. Veediki support antey siggu padelaa avvaali veedu before his death. It should not be like his father..
  6. Tamil lo Cha —-> jha & tha —> dha anukunta heard from my Tamil friends
  7. Raaamu


    on top of it, marala oka reply deeni moham. I think she never leaves that victim card type of narration.
  8. Yes. He is Advitha vex director from long time. Even part of bimbi VFX
  9. Annaaai! Partly true. But not possible for all. Starters, slowly spouses start nagging to move near. Then rest you know.. in India what you said is possible when partner aligns.
  10. Bro taxation is everywhere. Even in USA tax is there from 30% and additional are based on state. Like gst, we need to pay sales tax on all purchases except raw food items like groceries. Some states property taxes are high close to 3% every year and home rates are revised every year as per market. diff is, less population, less judgement (not zero) better infrastructure for tax we paid. Good time for family. If you are not sending money to India, it is more or less same. If you send/invest money to India, then you might feel that conversion rate. with that little saving, you can treat your parents in India with decent/good amount.
  11. Only reason for me to to be abroad is "worrying about others, and hearing non-sense all the time from relatives". Apart from that, There is no difference. Amazon lanti companies even India lo amazing salaries isthunnayi. For me I am getting more peace of mind here in abroad.
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