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War2 Updates | NTR | Hrithik | Ayaan


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Edoti chesi ah neel gadi universe Leda Lokesh in South and this in North set cheyandi. Madhyalo koratala lanti valatho movies chesta 7 years lotu fans ki teeriste happies. Ah Lokesh gadu only Tamil actors preferring Anta Mari. Ah Surya Di badulu jr ni pettuntee pamba regedi Vikram climax lo. Hassan Vs jr. Super stuff. Missed it 

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Okay confirm news anta good.


Complete villain role or negative shade role chudali , i am fine with both, but negative shade role should be good.

Kani ha ssr dhebaki i doubt after RRR ye complete villain role chesi last lo pothe mana fans screens chimpesi theaters seats viragotti bayataki ravachu. 

waiting for official announcement for clarity.

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16 minutes ago, akhil ch said:

iddariki oka dance number set cheyinchandi :terrific: we will show why Jr is the best dancer in india

ante hrithik pedda daner kaadantav..akhilu ee madya nuvvu N fan aa kada ani doubt ekkuva avtha undi endukantav

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