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  1. Vallu public lo part kada... Infact public kanna ekkuva relation untadi..
  2. Adi oka mla cum minister expired by-election.. Non controversial MLA and Minister.. Employees to kuda gud relations vunnayi.. Every mandal has one minster incharge with proper monitering..
  3. Those votes are traceble.. Inka 2 yrs govt lo work cheyyali.. ippudu cheppandi..
  4. Pina article lo cheppindi only for secretariat employees.. which are not evn 0.1 percentage of total.. For Remaining if any provision provided HRA will be deducted..
  5. HRA ivvaru ala unnanduku... Bayataku velte HRA ivvali..
  6. Counter ante emi chestadu... Pakka state employees ni testara.. He lost hopes on employees votes.. so going extremely..
  7. General election ki work duty evvaru own area lo undaru.. district lu maripotayi.. Police kuda central forces untayi..
  8. Voulenteers publicity ki panikostaru ante gani election ki Ela vaastaru... Booth gate kuda touch cheyyaniyyaru..
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