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  1. Border lo vunna countries nunchi janalni teesukuni raavali polling roju na ..
  2. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/andhra-pradesh/ap-strain-at-least-15-times-more-virulent/article34474035.ece
  3. My order of most fav politicians as on today ( I mean I’ll look for these videos daily ) CBN RRR Sabbam it’s a devastating news for TDP .. indeed for whole AP.
  4. Pachipoyina laddu part -2 in making
  5. Inka bjp situation kooda assame
  6. 2004 ysr - dec - tsunami 2019 - jaffa- covid-19
  7. Ippatlo raadhu.. long term vision vunna CBN ni nela naakinchina janalu manollu..
  8. Trs downfall ki chances vunnayi .. let’s watch who grabs the opportunity
  9. Same doubt .. maybe MahaTV and others are sold out to jaffa
  10. okavela ee statement correct ani ee common man / jaffa lu nammithe ... it should give negative impact on YSRCP.. mana AP people thinking prakaram.. tanaku raakapoyina ..pakkana vaadiki vachhindhi ani asooya tho .. YSRCP ki against ga velle chance vundhi..
  11. Untill results are out .. remove the word “loosing” from your minds .. it’s so irritating.. first time I’m seeing all TDP forces coming together after lost in 2019 general elections ..
  12. He gained lot of fame in non-ysrcp party .. I wish he continue to win and remain in politics ysrcp ki ranku mogudu .. I never see anyone annoyed to this level as RRR did .. he is next level I hardly miss any of his videos .. I love this guy
  13. Day by day he is turning to be a most popular and favorite politician to many of us