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  1. Vallu inko 10k ki kakkurthi padathaaru .. doubt emundhi
  2. TDP leaders / partymen100's lo murder avuthaaru.. andaru undergroud ki vellalsindhe ..
  3. no doubt NTR is a charismatic personality .. cant compare with anyone.. but poitical knowledge ..administration lo no telugu leader can close to the great CBN.. (PVNR maybe next closest)... eppudaina oka goppavallu brathiki vunnapudu .. valla value teliyadhu.. vallu poyaake ekkuvamandhi ki telisedhi.. you cannot compare CBN with anyone.. 2.5 year lo rule lekapothene CBN importance telustundhi janalaki..
  4. Home minister ni vuddesinchi .. disa app launch time lo .. inka chaala vunnayi .. Viral cheyyandi
  5. along with jaffa.. we need to be careful about EVM's too..
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