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Song ramp adinchindhi… continuous ga loop lo hearing in car.


visual ga little disappointed could be the backdrop or getup problem. lyrical song kuda release chesthe baguntadhi.

song matram blockbuster

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repeats lo vinandi ekkestundi.. from morning me n my son listening in repeat mode. walking time lo nen na mob lo and my son valla amma phone lo song loop lo pettukuni walk cheskuntunam enta sepu. mana fans ye negative spreading 

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9 hours ago, sudheerP said:

First time vinappudu antha yekaledhu but repeat lo its contagious; bhaaga yekkesindhi, it will be a blockbuster in long run.

Yeses... Became a fan of anirudh .. last 3 yrs lo oka form lo unnaduuu... vijay,rajini,kamal muggaraki best ichadu.

 Repeats lo baaga ekkutunnayi... 

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