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  1. but people ki govt meeda hopes levu ga uncle...see today's tweet. Govt prathi daniki respond avvaledu but see the level of trust for Sonu sood.
  2. A tweet worth of taking a screenshot. You are literally saying 'it is ok to do anything you want, but don't get caught'
  3. Oxygen shortage apudu chala help chesadu kadha uncle....Govt kuda hands up aa time lo
  4. Pakoda gadi debba janam abba....inka entha penchutaru ra gas price....soon 1000 on the way. https://www.ndtv.com/business/lpg-price-news-cooking-gas-prices-hiked-by-rs-25-per-cylinder-here-are-the-latest-rates-2525743 Petroleum companies increased price of a subsidised liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder by ₹ 25 per cylinder with effect from today, news agency ANI reported. Price of a subsidised 14.2 kg LPG cylinder will now cost ₹ 884.50 per cylinder in Delhi. This is the second price hike undertaken by the gas retailers within a month. On August 18, the gas companies had hiked
  5. deeni valla use untada
  6. US nunchi flights aapakapothe malli disaster ayyela undi India ki
  7. Lol too much publicity pichi
  8. GOLDI-LOCKED OUT?! Afghanistan has 22 TONS of gold in a vault in New York, the Taliban can’t touch it, according to Quartz. Biden’s administration has frozen the Afghanistan government’s holdings in US-based banks, which prevents the Taliban from having access to billions of dollars, which are part of the country’s foreign reserves. According to published figures from Afghanistan’s central bank, 22 tons of gold with a value of $1.25 billion is being stored in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. DA Afghanistan Bank, is said to own $10 billion in reserve assets scattered through
  9. https://www.india.com/business/taliban-stops-export-imports-from-india-says-exporters-body-4898345/ Taliban ceased all trading Business with India.. India does 800 Million US dollar export with Afghan as per reports.
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