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  1. Charanjit Singh Channi to be the CM of Punjab... Sidhu ni side petaru, adhi chalu for the moment .
  2. Punjab has around 500-600 kms of International border ... But it is predominantly secured boarder, not as porous as Kashmir .... Aina kuda , untill few years PAKis have sneaked Heroine & other drugs into the land , effecting thousands of households .... Congress has controlled & stabilized the situation , thanks to Capt.Amarinder ... Now,Its not as worst as it used to be. But the International situations are very fuild .. Now that Kashmir is gone from Pakis hands ... they started concentrating more on Punjab... It is a reality, swamy thatha chepindhatlo exaggeration vundhemo , k
  3. Exactly Bro... And very unstable fellow. He is surely not the right candidate for chief minister-ship in punjab... Bad move by congress to sideline Capt.Amarinder singh .
  4. Sidhu edho kampu leputhadu future loo anipisthondhi ... offlate, manishi vevaharam teda ga vundhi... His proximity with pak establishment is bothersome .
  5. He is one leader in the current lot, who is work driven...! Actively looking after infrastructure projects , his speed & quality of work will determine the next trajectory of India's growth engine... Lets see how things manifest....!
  6. Vaccine stock em sudden ga dimparu-ga... there will be some chatter about its availability ... Concerned department should be proactive in these situations ... avi emi kirana saamanlu kadhu , proper storage & ontime utilization kakapothe waste aipothai... which will account to gross negligence...! Can't speak for others but I have respect for people who put effort to learn the language of the land, It needs genuine effort .
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