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2024 AP Election Results : Predictions

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Now that  almost whole lists are out and dates are announced post your predictions


Thread will be auto locked by May 11 eve.You can edit until then


IMO Anything less than 125+ seats for Kootami is LOSS/SHAME given the anti wave in Andhra 


My prediction  (not considering wave)

TDP will get 91-95 seats

JSP 13-15

BJP ~1-2

Overall ~105-112 

Wave untey  ~128 - 145


MP Kootami - 16-18

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15 minutes ago, BOND.. said:

If this happens, thanks to visha nagu (pk) and bodai. 

mana db lo elagu andaru kootami ke estaru... pk ki ekanga 1L majority ani kuda antunnaru... 

kevalam PK valla tdp lose avvali ani heart saying... but mind alrdy fixed for Babu CM and PK dy.CM (cher karma)

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