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  1. only UMA uncle close ga cheppadu
  2. Labor aite one side ycp nenu chala mandi cab drivers local auto vallani adiga OC BC vs SC ST ee elections adi choodali
  3. em cheyamamtav aite ani GOM text chesadu
  4. Submit as much as possible not mandatory ankunta
  5. Step By Step Process For New Vote Registration Step 1:- Sign Up in voters.eci.gov.in Step 2:- Select Form 6 Step 3:- Select Constituency and Fill Personal Details Requirement for Applying Online 1.Photograph 2.Aadhar Card 3.Proof of Residence Time Taken 5 Mins Complaints on Eelction Violation Use C-Vigil App : https://t.co/ArFzo3WrM7 To complaint about violation of Election Volunteers emana cheste Just Photo/Video/Audio tesi upload cheyandi Just 1 Hr lo action tesukuntaru , and also they will be punished
  6. May 10 na anni update kodta first thread
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