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  1. at 3:56 highlight...sommu yevadidhee...sommu yevadhhee....
  2. odexxxxxa...this guy is such a stress reliever and logical too
  3. Modi proved himself again...that he is a mass murdered! Siggundaali inkaa aa pakoda gaadni venakesukuni raavadanki
  4. yaa veetiki answer cheppakundaa...nimmagadda, rahul gandhi, liberals ani, janaalki discipline ledhu etc ani sollu kaburlu telling paiga
  5. lets say this & all ur arguments are valid.... India as a country ki vacciantion approval, fudning approval....proactiveness only center can do....and, oxygen is a commodity owned by center they should be prepping up things... State govts dhi kooda mistake undhi... But major responsibility lies with center.... India shining appudemoo modi ni face ani...disaster chesaaka states meedha, janaalu meedha tostharaa inkaaa....
  6. ya because I am looking for my health and my family health not some masala popcorn or not obsessed with oppossition... do u remember polio vacccination drives.... I didnt say "a doctor"... a doctors core team or national emergency team like on the lines of anthony faucci.
  7. ya election plus why money waste anukuni untaaru....nishaani gujju gaallu...ee bokadaa gaadni game changer for India anukunnamu 2014 lo... hushooo
  8. vara prasaad reddy, tom, dicky and harry doesnt matter... Just form a national emergency team with docctors, epidomeligists etc and shut all peoples mouth...
  9. Silly reason... please come with better logic form a medical forum or a core team who works along with govt. Vallani cheppamanu why vaccine etc ani. I dont know if oppostion said at all, lets say they did it....but do u think they will dare coming out and fear citizens if its promoted by doctors team
  10. one small addition 10/10 how to look like rabidranath tagore... Appatlo mangal pandey appudu vinna amir khan one year paatu hair penchadani, to look natural in film... Ikkada ee kondamangalodu chesina pani idhi
  11. Loll inkendhuku modi akakda undhi pekkatanikaa... opposition digipommontundhi gaa ipppudu modi ni... let him duck off... As a leader, he should be able to decisive his priority 1-10 should be wats the next step to do for safeguarding people... he did 0. And adiginodni liberal batch..loll... Aa doctorss, IMA kooda liberal ee naa laddu lo dhi
  12. Janaala meedha ki thosse vaallaki shy undaali asslaa... clearly govt itself didnt not encourage vaccine...evadikoo interest unnodu vellatam thappinchi... asla no positive propaganda about vaccine