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  1. He said this many times, this time in current topic. TDP needs strong local leaders like chintahmaneni, nimmala ramanaidu etc to inspire cadre. Organic ga, janam ardam cheskuntaaru lee anukuntee bandi mundhu ki nadavadhu
  2. In ABN interview he said, tdp or leadership doing corporate style politics etc Janaalu votes veyatledhu, janaalki manchi ki chedu ki thedaa teliyatledhu ani vallani tidithee paisa use undadhu.... its up to the leadership to bring to same page, to attract people, convince them....its a great art to be learnt and be pruned every single day youth ki preference ivatanki eeyana preference thaggincharani vinna.... We want fire candidates, 40 years sappa youth candidate kanna....80 years Gornatla is a bigger asset
  3. Wat could he have done different for 2019 election? He is passionate to do service and obviously aayana efforts pettuntaadu kadhaa... wat he think went wrong? wat he learnt from that? and same constituency aithee wat is he doing or different constituency aithee wat he is planning and implementing his learnigns from failure
  4. And congratulations & all the very best for your venture bro!
  5. dats too much time.... nice.....in action edokati start ayithe fast gaa
  6. generally asking, oka 1-2 years nundi MoU lu sign chesthunnaru, ilaa industries peru vintunnamu. How long it will take to materialize? Heard some news about VIT etc eductional instituions at amaravathi & establishing it as educational hub which is the best option to develop. But rough ga enni years pattudhi oka university or industry padi konchem economy boost manaki kanapadataanki?
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