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  2. One and only NCK no one can compete with him All hail NCK
  3. ni phone lo sharmila wallpaper ga chusinapude anukuna nuvvu dani fan vi
  4. 16 dk shivakumar tammydu lost more than 2 lakhs, siddaramayya uncle happy
  5. Dmk di emi undi last time lagane major diff up and bengal konta rajasthan
  6. SP and TMC saved the day from the modi arrogance
  7. Made Mohan Yadav MP CM to influence Yadav voters of UP = Got πŸ† Announced 12% population area as Jatland = Got πŸ† Took back farm law and went infinite way to appease sikhs = Got πŸ† Took in Rajbhar to appease his community = Got πŸ† Gave pasmanda Muslims everything = Got πŸ†
  8. Cong vala kante pasamandas maxxxa ekkuva gudxxx ga anubavinchara UP lo yogi ni kuda tokkali ani chusavu ade UP seats game changer lol
  9. Nda kuda form cheyadu chusta undandi bjp majority’s are very less
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