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On 5/27/2023 at 9:40 PM, vk_hyd said:


sealed cover lo unna secret ni avinash/jagan lawyer ki judge leak cheyyadu ani emanna guarantee unda... 

bail case ke court lo judges vese questions ki janalu khangu thintunnaru.. "blood stains erase chesthe enti" ani antunna judge backdoor lo em chesthado evadiki telsu... gaali case lo judge kuda book ayyadu kada!

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22 hours ago, Siddhugwotham said:

Baanam I guess...

No way. Aa sakshyam chelladhu. Ee murder ki connection unna vallu sakshyam chepparu ani naa feeling. 

My bey on Avinash Reddy.

Jagga ippudu intha support chesthunnadu Jagga ki ante, okaroju veseyyadanike.

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29 minutes ago, akhil ch said:

40+ pages dandaga

true. noone has guts to keep them in jail, unless they themselves want to take rest in jail.  Even if jagan falls and some others comes to power its same situation, aa vishyam vallaki kooda telusu. lekapothe antha dhairyam ga anti govt unnapudu lepi sakshalu cover chestaru 

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1 hour ago, chanu@ntrfan said:

Monna Jaggad & Amit Shah midnight meet

Sarath Chandra Reddy turns approver to lock Kavitha

Repu Avinash bail confirm

Give and Take..........

intha open ga nkutha unte kuda democracy antarendo

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