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  1. Haha
    Sunny@CBN reacted to SREE_123 in RRR on R tag generation   
  2. Haha
    Sunny@CBN reacted to dusukochadu in kulaniki puttam anukoni vote veste ilaage untadi akka   
    Next elections ki inko 2K pension penchutaadu le aunty. 
    Don't worry, u still have vote power which u can sell. 
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to akhil ch in Ambati Sanjana   
    4k ki vote ammukunnanduku ipudu Oka bed kosam asthulu ammukovalsi vachindi. Jaragalsinde idi. 
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to Bittu_77 in If Modi resigns, who is the successor?   
    లిస్ట్ లో మా ఇడ్లీ సారాయి వంకుల్ పేరు లేదేంటి.. 

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    Sunny@CBN got a reaction from Uravakonda in Jaffa confidence   
    Janalu crisis situation lo leader's efforts anta appreciate cheyatledu. (Vizag is an exception. We got all four seats in the city)CBN would have done it differently.
    Nakenti Naku entho kontha padeste chalu le anatlu unaru.
  6. Sad
    Sunny@CBN reacted to NBK-Dravid in Pathetic Situation   
    Bankers situation too bad ga undi especially AP lo.. Too much crowd at Semi Urban and Rural branches without any social distancing ee social welfare schemes like amma vodi etc valla... Crowd ni control cheyadam chala kastam ga untandi.. 
    Govt vaccination kuda veyinchala bankers ki. Atleast State government and Central Government employees ki vaccination veyincharu irrespective of age but customers tho direct interaction unde bankers ki matram vepinchala.. 
    Entha mandi young employees 25 to 40 age vallu chanipotnaro lekke ledu. Even young mothers also.. telisina employees lone roju news vinalsi vastunte kallalo neelu aagatledu vennulo vanuku vastandi. Employees valla intlo parents kuda effect avutunaru.. naa close friend vadiki vachindi bank lo vadi valla intlo valla father and mother iddariki vachindi. Vadi father ninna died and mother in ICU she doesn't know about the news. Inkoka case lo maa colleague 38 years having 2 small kids died with covid.. Roju matladutu untam all of a sudden heard this.. Vall intlo situation ithe too much pathetic. Inka ilanti case daily vintune unnam. 
    Govt all health workers ki state government and Central Government employees ki vaccination complete chesindi kaani bankers ki matram adigina ivatla below 45 age ki. Leave petti intlo kurchundamana option kuda ledu.. Already sagam mandi covid tho effect ayyi unnaru migata vallu compulsory attend avalsinde.. Government ipatikina vaccination vepisthe chalu 
  7. Sad
    Sunny@CBN reacted to kishbab in DISGUSTED. HURT. BROKEN   
    My pinni passed away yesterday..pity is her husband my babai don't know this till since he is also in hospital because of covid. Her son, my brother came back from US for his marriage supposed to happen at may end. His engagement suppose  to be happen yesterday same day his mother died
    See how his india trip became..for which he came and what he faced
    Once he get into flight, he got information that his parents, his brother and brothers wife,thier one year boy got effected. So he went to our maternal grand mother home after coming to India 
    Later his mother and father admitted his hospital but he can't go because he can't go and see his parents as if he steps out ,can't return to old age grand parents house. Can't go to covid effected home. He even can't take care of his parents
    Finally yesterday when mothers condition is serious he steps out and only faced her death and cremated in guntur. Now he is staying in hotel in guntur.. 
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to NTR_Sachin in DISGUSTED. HURT. BROKEN   
    Been a modi admirer for years but the way covid has been handled especially in the last 6 months has made me feel ashamed,disgusted beyond measure. 
    People are suffering so much,we doctors are suffering so much. Been getting close to 10 calls and numerous messages daily from extended family and friends in these last few months for beds/medicines/other resources and now even for vaccination slots. Breaks my heart daily seeing so many people in pain and it's endless suffering with no end in sight cause it's beyond us to help everyone,it needs something bigger,much bigger,but there's no one.
    It's completely overwhelmed us,completely done us in and there's no one to look for,absolutely no one. so many colleagues from college days and seniors too have passed away and have left young families with nothing and there's no one for them. For 8 months before the turn of the year we had to re-use disposable masks too cause of acute shortage,now we have to beg everyone around us for vaccination for everyone we know and care,when did bloody something so basic as vaccination with so much buffer time to prepare become a privilege and not a basic necessity? Em desham sami idi,when we are xxxxxxx scared to even meet our parents or friends in months so as not infect them, how dare these politicians do rallies and how dare people in general leave all covid measures to god till it hit everyone hard in the last two months? Is the govt responsible - YES but are the public exempted - NEVER, we as people are as responsible for this catastrophe. Never forget that. 
    Hospital la roju body bags chustunte tears aagatle intikochaka,kanisam family ki kuda body ni muttukoni edavalani paristiti,direct ga smashanam ki teskelladam and akkada evaro body ni kaalchadam and manam dooram nunchi chudatam. This happened to my mom's friend,both her kids are in USA,both parents visited them for the daughter's pregnancy. One month after her grand  daughter was born, her husband alagadam start chesadu that he wants to come back india ki ani,entha try chesina vinakpothe koduku ticket book chesadu father ki and mother stayed back .ikkadiki ochina two weeks ki covid ochi he was admitted into the ICU,she came india ki urgent ga,ochina two days ki he passed away. Body ni daggarlo kuda she couldn't see and thanu dooram ga graveyard lo chustu undagane akkada unnavalle chithi pettaru,relatives Corona bhayam ani evadu ravatle,kids America la stuck,she told them not to come ikkadaki oste stuck avtaru ani vallu entha adigina. Next day graveyard nunchi she got a call ashes and bones collect cheskodaniki randi,lekapothe we'll dispose ani annaru,she was stunned and didn't know what to do,she was completely in shock,finally IAS evarthono cheppiste they gave locker facility akkada to keep for one month. She now is alone and when anyone calls her also she's not in any state to function with so much trauma.
    Idi janala paristiti ippudu,janalaki maryada ga ending kuda ivvaleni paristiti with peak corruption and non-regulation there too. It's one horror story after another.
    P.S- All people defending the indefensible please don't,it's been a disaster of epic proportions. Someone needs to pay for all this pain and all these lives. Manushula pranalakanna bochulo party affiliations or leader cults goppa kaadu. Only when we hold our own accountable,do we have a right to question our opposition. And our side screwed up,big time. Shame on us,all of us as citizens.
    I didn't post here for so many days kani after randomly visiting after many months and seeing some posts and how everyone is fighting for their side and going on ego trips, i wanted to write this,to tell you how it is on the ground . sorry if this offended anyone.
  9. Sad
    Sunny@CBN reacted to bharath_k in 60 bodys in a day @ one smasanam in rajamundhry   
    Maa relative okayana paristiti aite darunam.   age around 60+ vuntai.  
    evado adigite tractor meeda lift ecchadanta.  vaadu digipotu naaku corona vundi ani cheppadu anta. 
    Evvala citi scan chepiste . lungs effect aiyyayi. 
    No beds,  no remidicivir,  nothing. Day anta city lo search chesi evening ki entiki vaccharu 
    emouddo aa devudike teliyali.  
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to TDP_Abhimani in Lokesh torturing party cadre ???   
    I spoke to one of hardcore YCP teddy supporter directly from pulivendula..Baane parichayam...even ycp social media are surprised with lokesh improvement...jagadini cover cheyaleka chastunaaranta.....Tirupathi donga votes conform!!!
  11. Haha
    Sunny@CBN reacted to NTRtheking in Future CM of AP   
    PK if serious, will definitely become CM of AP
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to sskmaestro in ప్రధాన మంత్రి నరేంద్ర మోడీకి విజ్ఞప్తి ఇక దయ చేయండి :అరుంధతీ రాయ్   
    100 days lo more than 50% population give atleast 1 dose.... 
    biden or Trump.... USA has its priority on their people unlike your Mori who aimed for Nobel prize by distributing vaccines..... lol...
    US gave stimulus Cheques, invested in Vaccine research and gave money to vaccine manufacturing companies to increase their capacity... and also procured 1 billion doses..... 
    please.... chaduvukunnodivi.... kastha kallu terichi choodu.... inkaaaa ee gujju gadini enakeskostunnav..... 
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to Bezawada NFan in Sabbam   
    Eena vaccine enduku teesukoledu aged+ oka ex mp knowledgeable person active in media almost oka celebrity really shocking bahusa bad time ante edenemo😢
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to rajanani in Hospital bed availability   
    *Hospital Bed Availability Online:
    How to Check Vacant Beds Availability Online in Hospitals in COVID 19 Emergency*
    Andhra Pradesh
    West Bengal
    Madhya Pradesh
    Uttar Pradesh
    Tamil nadu
    Beed, Maharashtra:
    Gandhinagar, Gujarat:
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to niceguy in Tirupati Results   
    Thanks..You can leave party and enjoy...
  16. Haha
    Sunny@CBN reacted to OneAndOnlyMKC in Tirupati Results   
  17. Love
    Sunny@CBN reacted to RamaSiddhu J in Bengal exit polls   
    After 6 rounds Mamata 1427 votes lead. 
    11 rounds counting left
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to Suresh_Ongole in Tirupati Results   
    తిరుపతి : తిరుపతి పార్లమెంట్ అభ్యర్థి పనబాక లక్ష్మి ఫలితాలను చూసి తీవ్ర అసంతృప్తితో కౌంటింగ్ కేంద్రం నుంచి వెళ్లిపోయినట్లు పెద్ద ఎత్తున వార్తలు వచ్చిన విషయం విదితమే. అంతేకాదు.. ఫస్ట్ రౌండ్ ఫలితాలు వెలువడక ముందే బయటికెళ్లిపోయినట్లు పుకార్లు వచ్చాయి. అయితే దీనిపై ‘ఏబీఎన్-ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి’తో ప్రత్యేకంగా మాట్లాడిన పనబాక.. ఆ వార్తలన్నీ అవాస్తవాలే అని కొట్టిపారేశారు. ఆ పుకార్లను తీవ్రంగా ఖండించారు. ప్రజాస్వామ్య బద్దంగా ఎన్నికలు జరిగుంటే దాని ఫలితాలు వేరేగా ఉండేవని ఆమె చెప్పుకొచ్చారు. అసలు ఫలితం తెలిసి కూడా తమాషా చూద్దామని ఇక్కడే కూర్చుని ఉన్నానని ఒకింత వ్యంగ్యంగా మాట్లాడారు. జరగాల్సినవన్ని ముందే జరిగిన తర్వాత ఇప్పుడు జరిగేదేముంది..? అని పనబాక వ్యాఖ్యానించారు.
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    Sunny@CBN got a reaction from Uravakonda in Shock : Jaggadi Psych***o tanam   
    Vallaki ma jailodu baga nachutadu. Let them sing Raja Kaja Maja everyday.
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to niceguy in New Health Minister   
    Ma Koki ki CM seetu ichethaara...
  21. Sad
    Sunny@CBN reacted to akhil ch in Exams postpone cheyyara yebrasi yadava   
    Inti Peru cheppadu ga. Target start
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    Sunny@CBN reacted to ntrrules7 in Do you dare do this Modi ?   
    Next tym if tdp makes alliance with BJP , will skip voting tdp also
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    Sunny@CBN got a reaction from Hello26 in Subbu on Second Wave and Financial situation   
    Veedni follow avvadam apesanu. Jagga gadi friend veedu.
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    Sunny@CBN got a reaction from Uravakonda in Subbu on Second Wave and Financial situation   
    Veedni follow avvadam apesanu. Jagga gadi friend veedu.