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  1. Deutsche Welle is a German public broadcast service. Development in India during Modi’s regime is debatable but definitely world is talking about India good or bad.
  2. AP lo house burglaries kooda ekkuva avuthunnai ani talk. Money rotation lenappudu ilantivi jaruguthai. Same was the situation in AP before IT boom, now again.
  3. Paul has been used by one or the other even before PK became a strategist.
  4. This can be done only in friendship manner. Domination doesn’t work at this time. Another example is Europe negotiating trade deals with India instead of directly criticising or putting sanctions.
  5. This coalition made TS number 1 state in India recently. Hearing such kind of statements especially from film fraternity these days.
  6. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson headed to India Wednesday touting job-creating investment but facing long odds to get his reluctant counterpart Narendra Modi to back Western action against Russia.
  7. Russia requests medical equipment from India after a sharp decline in Russian imports from Europe and China.
  8. Germany to invite India for G7 summit. 4th consecutive time India being invited for the meeting of the grouping
  9. Why don’t make a programme on this in Hindi belt?
  10. This is the kind of advertisement people want
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