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  1. Allowing northie BJP into AP (in the form of PK) will do more harm to the state than any one.
  2. Sorry to say this but TDP supporters (minus Nandamuri/Tarak fans) are less in number comparably. So boycotting his movies wouldn’t effect him. Majority of TDP followers are also fans of Tarak. This strategy might have worked for ‘Dhammu’ movie but the movie was also not great. Even supporters like to choose the winning horse.
  3. రాజమండ్రి లేదా చర్లపల్లి జైలు పేరు కూడా మార్చాలని విన్నపం.....
  4. Well said. Only NTR fans = jr.ntr fans+ sr. Ntr fans+ majority of TDP fans+ big chunk of other Political parties followers + other groups. So do not underestimate ‘only NTR fans’. A man of that stature has to be diplomatic when dealing sensible issues. He shouldn’t hurt anyone feelings but at the same time convey the message.
  5. Sensible reply. Didn’t undermine anyone but directly criticised YS Jagan’s move.
  6. Health benefits kosam. One who drinks this regularly would develop resistance against all kinds of poisons mainly snake bites.
  7. This pink fellow didn’t even appreciate NTR for playing Komaram Bheem. One the top of that, he didn’t give permission to Brahmastra’s public event for the reason NTR met Amit Shah. All NTR (both Sr & Jr) fans should vote to congress or BJP ( BJP for considering NTR to be an Oscar nominee).
  8. Expressions and timeliness are good. Most important to emerge as a mass leader.
  9. She looks like a prostitute (sorry to say this but she deserves that title for being an AH). It’s clearly an individual problem. A brown woman with black hair and non native english accent (Indian) was performing multiple times better than a fellow brown woman with black hair and native english accent (Mexican). She just got frustrated. Don’t relate it to Hinduism or BJP.
  10. BJP+ TDP alliance in TG- If there are any chances for BJP win, they will be dampened just like how congress lost last time.
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