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  1. Bharathi from Pulivendula? They are strong in Jammalamadugu too.
  2. Kurnool dt good selection. Pulivendula Btech đź‘Ť
  3. So total 6 seats for BJP. 25% seats to a party which can’t get 1% votes on its own. Kurnool MP candidate is current MP from YCP. Educated and good person but no one knows who he is even the local people. Nandyal Shabari just moved from BJP. Jagan ni odinchali ani vote vesthe thappa, these are difficult seats.
  4. 20% MP seats to a party which doesn't even have 1% vote bank. Why? What does this tell?
  5. You don’t get it as long as BJP is in power. It’s like making Hyd as common capital (which is impossible).
  6. Permanent capital cheyali for both states including funds distribution.
  7. Mainly north states lo chala weak opposition party. Some how those states are insecure about religion and BJP got it worked out. I think this hangover will the relieved by 2029. Though religion is strongly rooted in southern states, they are giving a damn about BJP except KA. Opposition is doing fairly well in southern states. If TDP isn’t an ally of NDA, they will be getting less than 20 MP seats from the entire SI.
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