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  1. Andaru vedavale rule chesaru ninnu for the past 25 years. You seem to be more intelligent
  2. Hitler and his followers considered themselves as superior beings. Now Modi and his followers are in the same line though they are not as efficient as Nazis. History repeats for Modi and his followers, the next generation will be reading about these fellas.
  3. It could be a failure from Ford while Kia and Hyundai continue to raise.
  4. There are so many logics missing in that video. - have Talibans took over that Blackhawk? - is that person an American soldier? If so dead or alive? - are they really Talibans flying that Blackhawk?
  5. Could be a fake one, not apt to the situation.
  6. Iddaru iddare dynamic and smart. They maintained that gene pool.
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