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AP Ministers Names...

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7 hours ago, yamaha said:

Veediki emi ivvaka povatam best...

TV mundu ila cheap vaagudu ekkuva ayipoyindi...

Yup. Diginde party loki last minute. Naaku PM telusu roju kalusta vunta ani cheppe vaadu. Valle rod pettaru ticket ivva kunda. Chivariki CBN dikke ayyadu mari. Malli ee satire lu okati. Mundu aayanni kottina CID meeda private case petti teluchu kunte better 😂😂

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6 hours ago, Sunny@CBN said:

Should have taken some safe ministry like industries, irrigation etc.

Always putting him in tough position...

Mangalagiri seat and now IT ministry. Not fair for future party president.

Avi teesu kunte party meeda focus vundadu ani emo

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53 minutes ago, sonykongara said:

AP శాసనసభ స్పీకర్ గా చింతకాయల అయ్యన్నపాత్రుడు

Eenadu lo raledu 

Confirm ?

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