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  1. Tdp bad time started from 2004 Even after 18 years still struggling to win elections Though won in 2014 with little margin Tdp need a big victory like 1994 elections
  2. Even don't compare with 1996 Both are different situations Lakshmi parvati is the main reason Here?
  3. First jagan told TDP mla s are in touch And CBN govt will collapse How can you compare
  4. Don't compare Ap situation with this In 2014 jagan told TDP mla s are in touch with him Then CBN started
  5. This time CBN has to go aggressively No alliance needed Just go with slogan like give me last chance for development And he has to answer to all.that he can win without alliance
  6. In politics only welfare schemes will not work the problem is there is no strong wave for tdp after 1999 we have to wait for time if people want to vote nothing will stop like delhi kejriwall' and recent punjab elections due to various reasons after 1994 and 1999 there is no strong wave for tdp though we won with little margin in 2014
  7. then why they lost in huzurabad,dubbaka,ghmc before 2019 they used to win all bielections
  8. BJP ,TRS and YCP has good understanding
  9. If RK is broker who are highly professional in india according to you
  10. Mistake is with parents not narayana
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