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  1. planning to divert tdp manifesto as CBN is speaking very aggressively in meetings about welfare schemes
  2. Lawrence movies plus boyapati plus little bit kantara
  3. This fellow deserves more punishment Veediki inks buddi rala
  4. If there are no neutrals tdp will not win in 2014 After losing deposit in all bi election
  5. These are small issues in politics This is not stock market graph minute minute change avvadaniki 25000 kg drug issue kanappudu these seats discussion is very small issue There is not anti on modi in neutrals
  6. Publicity is required for women schemes
  7. Telnagna strong candidates like revanth reddy,eetela,kcr,bandi sanjay lost in recent elections All are very strong candidates
  8. Then same people will start scolding CBN and blame for not going alliance This is very strange election in Indian history of politics TDP and CBN not interested in alliance but we have to go due to various reasons No capital this point is enough to win elections But we have to see how Ap people will decide This election is for AP people not for tdp or CBN
  9. Though alliance is not required but Only 10 assembly seats Mood is good Only one section of tdp fans doing over analysis People are very clever if they want to vote they will vote In neutral there is no anti on modi If no alliance by now every tdp candidate will face ed and it raids CBN will be in jail New cases will start on lokesh during elections Tdp should spend time in legal process Mood inka worst ga undedi and people will.think tdp ia not capable and finally will get zero
  10. urban areas clean sweep tdp tdp should address some issues in every meeting to attract rural votes ,low income group and youth farmers tdp should address following issue dsc,group 1 jobs,and various govt jobs and release job calender free current upto 200 units as people are fed up with current bills pension increase for senior citizens decrease of municipal house tax and should add one good scheme for women with new name tdp is not addressing loop holes in registration and surveying of lands
  11. Though alliance with BJP is not required But issue is closed There is no anti on modi in neutrals Now one section of tdp fans , tdp channels are doing more harm to tdp than saakshi and ycp by continously doing wrong analysis on alliance with BJP
  12. Just enjoy this election This election is not tdp or JS it is between Ap people and ycp Ap people lost everything after bifurcation Only state in world living without capital People know that jagan has dealing with BJP And people know that BJP will trouble tdp if there is no alliance If they want CBN they will elect
  13. Though CBN did mistake by alliance with BJP But this election is between Ap people and jagan In recent TG elections RR pedda podichindi emi ledu even they lost all bi election Tg people want to send kcr they voted Same This time Ap people will decide This election is for Ap people not for tdp or tdp cadre There is no anti on modi in neutrals To avoid cbi and ed raids on tdp candidates BJP alliance will.help to some.extent
  14. Bandi Sanjay ni marpinchina aparchankyudu kcr daughter now arrested Time will decide now it is Ap people who has to decide
  15. In politics time and political gain decides every thing BJP supported brs upto 2023 Now they are crushing brs Same applies for ycp
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