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  1. Politics is about how leader change people mind Good or bad Same people voted to ntr Same people voted to CBN Same people defeated ntr and again elected Same people elected jagan
  2. teachers doesn't deserve high salaries What a statment increase budget on health that doesn't mean we have to reduce on education
  3. There is anti on present govt in both telugu states and also in india But opposition leaders could not consolidate in to votes
  4. Just coincidence in politics only one strategy people belief in leader Attract people and get votes Pk,cadre ,money all these are common
  5. Karma hits back Eetala used to scold andhra industrialist During tg movement and just now in press meet he is covering that he is great entrepreneurs nuvvu sampadiste entrepreneurs andhra vallaithe pettubadidarulu
  6. As seen in recent movies to divert corona faire and eetala
  7. Keeping ssc exams is waste bcoz other states students are promoted Companies and govt will.not consider 2019 and 2020 ssc Mark's bcoz most of the states could not complete
  8. If people want to vote nothing will stop Like in GHMC and dubbaka
  9. Talking about ethics under modi Shah rule is a big joke
  10. If people believe leader then they will vote Now in Both telugu states people are not voting based on issues If people vote based on issues modi kcr jagan will not win At least CBN is clear in some issues when compared to jagan and kcr Problem is people got bored with CBN and TDP
  11. evaru evarini pakkaku veyyaru Satta unte vachhi party ni take over chesukovali like how cbn did to NTR I dont think jr NTR will do that
  12. In karnataka state assembly BJP got less votes percentage than congress but secured more seats to form govt
  13. Jr ntr is also having responsibility In the initial stage of his career he used tdp and N fans see aadi movie
  14. We cannot create leader they have to evolve even if it is jrntr Jr ntr has to take over party if he want to save tdpand become leader
  15. The main problem in tdp is 18- 35 age group voting 70 percent are not voting to tdp