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  1. Even if CBN had recruited 100 pks in 2014 also he will loose In 1989 without social media nte lost due to anti kamma CBN lost mainly due to capital problem as most of Ap peole dis not connect emotionally and 18-35 age grp very less voting
  2. All these are unnecessary analysis If people believe in leader they will vote Leader has to attract people If that is the case Tamil people accepted jayalalitha who is from.other state. even kcr is also not telanagna CBN golden period completed
  3. Karma hits back Eetala used to scold andhra industrialist During tg movement and just now in press meet he is covering that he is great entrepreneurs nuvvu sampadiste entrepreneurs andhra vallaithe pettubadidarulu
  4. As seen in recent movies to divert corona faire and eetala
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