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  1. That is not strength of jagan CBN failed to asses his opponents in 2014 He followed same strategies which he followed for his old 1990 opponents
  2. Cbn did all.this electioneering in 2004,2009,2014,2019 We lost all elections except in 2014 So that is not a problem we need complete people mandate now like 1999 People want to vote they will.vote that's all Eetala by election, revanth teddy mp winning in malkajgiri are examples inspite of spending huge amount by governemnt So nothing can be predicted just hope for best and lokesh has to design strategies based on situation
  3. This is where tdp is failing This is kaliyug no space for nyayam,dharmam Just be cruel and smart and fall on feet when need in closed doors Our opponents are doing this Other wise we cannot win Try for people mandate If we win elections then tdp can start game
  4. Politics is now cruel war Opponents are very cruel Tdp following old tactics a Strategies should be very cruel which tdp failed both in opposition and when in power We have to wait for people mandate that's all
  5. Voting percentage is different seats are different See 2014 Ap elections congress voting percentage is more in karnataka in 2018 elections but less seats than.bjp
  6. Atleast vishal is better than our heroes though he is jagan fab
  7. Very good idea and make a deal with kcr and can take financial help for elections in background
  8. Alliance is required Caste equations in andhra will not favor tdp due to various reasons And still lagging to attract new age voters
  9. when opponents are very cruel and had information about arrest 2 days before i don’t know why CBN gave chance to arrest the opponents are not old regular politicians there are so many ways to avoid arrest and he knows the process in judiciary will take long time
  10. Jagan did not get sympathy he lost 2014 election
  11. Don't depend on god if really god exists modi,kcr,jagan will.not win Tdp is doing 1980 politics But the opponents are very cruel We have to do bhal dhakre types of politics Even in opposition no one dare to touch Tdp.is just concentrating on people.issues which will.not get any votes Backend tactics are very weak in tdp bcoz they are not designing any cruel tactics
  12. CBN is successful when his opponents are Kotla neduramalli and ysr Now his opponents are criminals His tactics completely failed after 2004 If you have to face criminal you should be criminal other wise it will.not work Without any effort and fighting on any issue modi kcr and jagan won elections Fighting every day on people issues but see the tdp situation Politics now are very cruel
  13. Janala Ap aina America aiyna okate Politics is not about doing good or bad It is the responsibility of opposition to convert into votes Due to various reasons tdp failed politically after 2004 Blaming people is not solution in politics
  14. In india 90 percent of schools doesn't have clean and neat wash rooms and unhygienic Most of teachers are working in govt schools without proper infrastructure just visit any govt schools even in Hyderabad no hygiene wash rooms System.mundu pani chesukuntu we can easily blame
  15. Don't talk about honest Better than software engineers who did 3 to 4 jobs in covid
  16. JP and prof nageswer are worst fellows In the name of neutral and intelligent they can't explain to people what is good and bad on any issues
  17. Every issue meda stand cheppe tdp ee stage lo vundi Stand on issue is old politics Modi ,kcr,jagan no stand on any issue from day 1 no need to tell
  18. If common people this case will be solved in 3 days This case is another example of power and money
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