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  1. People will vote for leader not for issues In politics don’t blame people same people voted in 2014 then how eetala won in huzurabad kcr is known for punch dialogues how bjp won in GHMC elections how Kejriwal won in delhi andhra people also will vote But how you convince and turn into votes is politics caste religion ,region are common in politics from America to amalapuram Majority people avi marichipoye vote ga convert cheyyadame politics That should be done by CBN some CBN failed after 2004 in terms of converting into votes
  2. So if same thing happens in tdp then party will get bad name and also CBN if happens in ycp then scrap is going out what a thinking and logic
  3. It is natural phenomena to extend dead line In india middle class people who pay tax will file it returns People are not expecting from govt good school No free roads paying toll taxes No proper health facilities Paying highest taxes for petrol and diesel Even if they extend one year also nothing will happen No proper drinking water
  4. Even don't compare with 1996 Both are different situations Lakshmi parvati is the main reason Here?
  5. First jagan told TDP mla s are in touch And CBN govt will collapse How can you compare
  6. Don't compare Ap situation with this In 2014 jagan told TDP mla s are in touch with him Then CBN started
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