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  1. 20 days back Ratio was 1:0.65 in favour of TDP + 1 week back after BJP alliance the ratio was 1: 0.85 in favour of TDP + Ee pushpams final ga election date vache sariki em chestaro chudali
  2. Maa zilla vallu em papam chesamoo
  3. antha unte MLA ticket ee techukovachu ila DB lo posts nduku annai
  4. yamaha


    2029 ki amit shah cheppi untadu CBN ki Jr ki CM seat ivvamani Mana aaku bayata ne ga
  5. Alliance ante 2 sides fans erri puvvu lu ayyaru ani kada annai , CBN ni oppose chesina baffas kooda red flowers ayinatte ga....edo 1 side ayinattu daabu enduku
  6. To and Fro flight karchulu Migilayi annai, inka vote vese mood interest kooda dobbinndi...
  7. Teliyakapovachu CBN ki CM avvakapothe vache loss , opportunity cost ivanni CBN lekkalu vesukuntadu and he has his right to take any direction, after all it's his empire. The only problem here is our emotions attached with party anthe...evadu cheyyamannadu fanism ante I don't have answer. Adhi oka gula anthee.
  8. Thupuk on CBN and Lokesh
  9. Let's not encourage such scum in DB. Delete this
  10. Ilanti last minute jumping japaks ki kooda ticket adhi kooda K zilla lo adhi kooda K caste lo istunnaru ante CBN Lokesh thupuk thupuk on both of you. Mee laddo lo rajakeeyam
  11. Nuvvu sarcastic ga post esav anukunna
  12. 1 year lo govt ki bad name bane vachesindi. JDS - BJP combo works well interms of caste dynamics. Easy ga 20-22 seats confirm for NDA. After LS either DK will topple the government or congress will be forced to make DK as CM
  13. Though it's 100% wrong, but the root cause of this is sudden surge of hell lot of Northies to Bangalore. Past 15 years lo IT boom valla everything went into hands of Northies. So over a period this Kannada tradition, festivals,culture everything good Damaged to major extent. So pani paata leni few kannada organization ila artham partham leni rules tho attack chestunnaru. Obviously northies ki BJP support So these kannada groups are backed by congress.
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