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  1. Article 370, kashmir chalu vallaki BJP ki vote vestaru. Cow urine and dung as teerdham and prasadan. All happies
  2. Ohhh nice. But to run such sites they too need some money. So oka 5% varaku tappu ledu le
  3. 15% milap tip. You can change this min. is 8%
  4. Neutral Musugu lo visham chimme batch idhi antha
  5. Babu kallu iragakotti oka moola kurchobetti taruvatha migatha lekkalu sari cheyyali.
  6. Em chestam mana kharma 2014 suport batch mohana kasta go mutram challali chesina papaniki Still supporting batch ki pidaka tho face massage cheyyali
  7. Annai vallu emanna pilla po lawyers aa enti. They have their arguments and in the merit of the case the judgement goes to final decision but not on the merit of argument.
  8. Intha video footage esukoni tirugutunnadu ante it's purely publicity anukunta. Whatever good for public
  9. Mana DB member or someone naaku teliyadhu Naa FB lo unnadu HariKrishna ani, Bangalore TDP batch. He has good followers in fb TDP world. Oka pootaki aaru FB posts petti tega hadavidi. Elections before I have observed numerous time he referred yesu reddy yesu reddy. Osari comment petta intha social active person ila oka god ni orike nduku ala avamanistav ani. It's sends extremely wrong message. Mana valla athi ki oka example.
  10. Court live telecast lu start cheste. Sagam cinema fans taggipotaremo as these are more interesting
  11. Support etc li8 bro. Sakshi has 80% of circulation of Eenadu. Am saying this during 2014-2019 period. Sakshi is just a pamplet whereas Eenadu is biased to TDP. There is an ocean of difference between these 2 papers. How people are tolerating those pamplets? 2004- 2020 we are in ruling for 5 years in a portion of United AP. We lost the battle long back. Not in ABN or TV5 era
  12. ABN valla CBN ki antukunte Sakhi valla YSR/Jagan ki antukova? Sakshi kante enno retlu better eega. Why YSR/Jagan was not termed as caste fanatic? Issue is not ABN, kamma show off has been happening in all sectors since few years. It all accumulated over the years and common people lo aa hatred develop ayyindi. Seema to NLR lo 80% lo general seats are won by Reddy caste. How can you imagine such situation in costal belt? Never In politics Reddy's connect with common man, also the tolerance level of reddy mistakes is more in common people. This has happened over genera
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