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  1. ippudu aa hotel lo aa day visit/vunna vallandirini drugs kesulo vesestharaa....
  2. Player of the match in GG vs MI..Amelia😍
  3. Sunny record edo vundi..750+ runs in single series ..lepesthe poddi....he is well deserved for the way he is playing in this series...
  4. Jurel should get MOM for his superb batting display in both the innings…keep shining👍
  5. Beauty Amelia Kerr..Lady Samara Nat-Sciver { we r no 1} ❤️ MI ❤️ Elissa perry 😍
  6. 22 kooda ekkuve naayallaku..15 ichi migathavi tdp vallanr jsp tarupuna veyyamante poddi…ulfaaaa XXXXXXX ee jsp fellas
  7. Proud to be sachin fan❤️ Amir.:inspiring 👍👍
  8. baane laagavu gaa @vk_hyd mastaruu me Siru ni topic loki.... Verri thalalu vesina abhimani laa vunnave { don seenu MS narayana style lo}
  9. GoD of Cricket blessing Kashmir
  10. Very sad to hear...Deepest condolences to Family... RIP
  11. Except Mahesh and Leela dance in kurchi song...nothing to talk about in the movie... Trivikram lost the touch completely....
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