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  1. saying grant and no repayment..central will take care of that antunnaru…edo okati help chesthe good
  2. Asalu aa schem enti ?? Any idea??
  3. yes..Ganesh film lo raja hamsavo song anukuntaa...gemini lo vayinchevaadu song...
  4. Desh ki netha will produce his own budget tomorrow as he is the PM with zero seats...yes ur heard it riight ani mana @akhil ch cheppamanaddu
  5. thats different story...atleast on record they mentioned about releasing funds for capital...will see how it goes...kanessam edo okati announce anna chesaaru,,,aa 16 seats lekunte asusual Amaravathi, andhra ane names kooda vinapadi vundav...something we could hear from central in budget about AP after so many years..
  6. What is Poornodhaya scheme by central?
  7. God bless CBN and AP people for those 16 Seats... 👏👏🙏 thanks for central too..
  8. Ee naayalu bobby gaadu emi doing asala…title pettadaniki kooda last 9 months ga think chesthannadu ante eedu emi teesthannado..
  9. narens

    KL Rahul

    Vijay diehard fan since 1999 - ..u nasty fella
  10. Ade kada..inka Power deniki govt deniki employees tho work cheyonchukoleka pothe…team captain nene kaani naa maata evaru vinatla ani cheppinattu vundi..
  11. adhikaram maade kakapothe adhikaarulatho work cheyichkoleka pothunnam ani direct ga message isthunnara public ki..,inka power deniki public ivvadam..that clearly shows our inefficiency kada..
  12. @John endi maaku aha endi maaku anta
  13. narens


    Btw interval temple shot ruffadinchaadu👍👍
  14. narens


    one time easy watch..good role for suri, he did well..expected a lot since its vetrimaran story still engaging … movie starts well , good first half..average 2nd half…Rural Mass flick , story of 3 friends.. OTT : Prime
  15. narens

    KL Rahul

    PK gaadiki maa tdp help for DCM…pebbad ki SSR help…who knows kohli/faf may help KL😜 u need some one in life to reach to ur goal along with ur hardwork..mainly in sports , movies and politics where it all depends on team work
  16. narens

    KL Rahul

    😂😂 counselor ga gelavadam kastam anukunna PK gaadu DCM ayyadu…so never underestimate anyone in politics and sports…one delivery one elections will change eveything😜
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