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NFDB App for Phone


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For iOS users:

Open forum in safari 

Click Share Icon at bottom of the page

Scroll and select - Add to Home Screen

This should create app on your phone, login for first time.


For Android users:

Someone can try similar methodology as per Android and post it

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30 minutes ago, chanu@ntrfan said:

Back vellali antey paiki motham scroll chesi chatroom meeda or kindaki scroll chesi go to topic listing click cheyyali everytime, u loose that browser option to back whenever u want


swipe left to right for back button.

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1 hour ago, kurnool NTR said:

How to refresh in app? 


8 minutes ago, kurnool NTR said:

The updated posts are not seen real time in iPhone app. One has to go back and forth to see those. Browser has refresh button but the app doesn’t have. 


just pull down to refresh, usual way you do in any app/website

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2 hours ago, narens said:

Huh steps vadalandi masteruuu…naakenduko avvatla


25 minutes ago, Flash said:

Couldnt find too

1) Safari lo normal open cheyandi.
2) Browser kinda share option untundi. Safari lo url box is below. Dani kinda 5 options untay. Andulo middle one is share. 
3) share click chesi scroll down. Then you'll see first what's app options. Dani kinda your regular apps. Dani kinda copy. Dani kinda vache box lo 6thfrom top "add to homescreen" anthe. 

4) go and see you'll be NTR picture app 

5) open and login

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