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  1. Worst administration. Koncham kooda handle cheyalekapoyadu. 2 weeks complete lockdown petti, ah tarvatha 1-2 month vaccination drives conduct chesthe, atleast koncham control avthayi cases. Lockdown is the only solution. Bokka laaga vaccine maitri ani bayata desalaki ichi dobbadu.. ippudu Indians ki emi ledu.
  2. This guy is improving day by day. But luck factor kalisiravadam ledu because ruling lo lekapovadam one of the reason. But his efforts to groom himself and project himself into the new age politics should be appreciated. Look maarindi.. baasha maarindi.. luck kooda maari success vasthe he can be motivated by the results.. tirupathi elections lo gelavakapoina atleast majority taggithe bagutundi.. Final ga tarak topic lo aachi toochi matladithe chala best TDP leaders andaru kooda.. This is not tarak's time for politics.. Tarak vache time vastundi.. and he will conquer.. All the best Nara Lokesh..