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  1. India ne kadhu they started influencing west community too.
  2. Ee Malayalam batch next level
  3. Oka 3-4 yrs track chesthe matter ardhamaidhi uncle, that pratik sinha guy who started Altnews itself is a shady character, kothi ki kobbarichippa laga Zubair dorikadu, dani medha selective fact checking and targeting, had he not posted the edited part of Nupur things would have not escalated this far.
  4. Another similar incident 1 week before getting media attention now An anti-terrorism probe has been ordered into the murder of a chemist in Maharashtra whose throat was slit last month, a week before a similar killing in Udaipur, over supporting suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma's comment on Prophet Mohammad. The police have identified the seven men who were arrested for Kolhe's murder as Shaikh Irfan Shaikh Rahim, 35, Muddasir Ahmad, 22, Shah Rukh Pathan, 25, Abdul Thoufique, 24, Shoaib Khan, 22, and Atib Rashid, 22 and Yusuf Khan Bahadur, 44, all residents of Amravati.
  5. Idhedho 2019 sweep analysis la ne undhi uncle
  6. Ee Suryakant mana db medhavulu la ne talking ga
  7. arey meeku siggu eppudu vasthadi ra, lies matladina athakali ra AIMIM votes for Shiv Sena-led MVA coalition in Maharashtra Rajya Sabha polls, says intent was to defeat BJP
  8. Aadiki hadavidi thappa matter ledhu le better leave him alone
  9. Kindha replies lo baga educate chesthunnaru ga ga pidi leader ni
  10. Uncle evarini convince cheyalani chusthunnav, kasab rss agent ane congress batch mindset ki gone
  11. Mundhe equation unte there would be no qualms like in Bihar, although they got more seats than JD they honored pre-poll commitment and made Nitish CM.
  12. Promise cheyaledhu ane kadha motham argument asala. Fadvanis was project as CM face as he did good work and the alliance won mandate on his work. Asala Thackeray CM endhi comedy ga.
  13. Ippudu manam PK tho align ayyi repu vadiki 20 vachi manaki 80+ vasthe isthara CM post 50:50 basis ani? Fadvanis ki manadate vasthe, Thackeray aa Raita gadi matalu vini became greedy once he saw BJP was not over the line, now both kicked from their own party
  14. Enthuku vellali if BJP can prove majority on floor
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