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  1. Former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda, who on Sunday attended the inauguration of the new Parliament building in New Delhi, said it is his good fortune that he witnessed a great moment in India's democratic history. The 91-year-old expressed his joy, saying he never thought that he would sit in a new Parliament building in his lifetime. "It is my good fortune that I witnessed a great moment in India's democratic history. I entered the Karnataka legislative Assembly in 1962 and have been a Member of Parliament since 1991. When I entered this great house of the people 32 years ago, I ha
  2. So Farmer family with unemployed son unte 1 lakh per year anamata
  3. I am talking about congress and people who are speak their language.
  4. CBN kuda same feel ayyada assembly opening appudu
  5. ofcourse this is not the first time previously congress mla’s we’re also caught. aa BJP MLA cheppina vedhanthalu mee la db lo thechi veyatledhu ga kadukkotaniki
  6. President pai sudden ga mosali kanneru karisthe adhi kuda SC/ST angle lo oorukuntara expose chestham mee mindset, previous actions and bias ni. Meeru emanna previous ga procedure idhi ani follow aithe ga inkokalni velethi follow avvamanataniki. adagakudadha anta adagandi memu barabar nee previous history and actions chupistham SC lo aa pleas chusthene thelusthundhi mee kadupu manta. Ye progress ni appreciate cheyaleru. Bunch of hypocrites.
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