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  1. Italy swings to the hard right after clear election victory by Giorgia Meloni, who is set to emerge as the country’s first female prime minister
  2. Kuppam lo cbn odipoyina, managalagiri lo lokayya odipodu
  3. Chala mandhi protestors ni lepesthunnattu unnaru
  4. Social media and overseas motham maa Jai dude fans ye, ramp aadisthunnadu
  5. Advani la only religion or Vajpayee la only development agenda tho velthe chathikila paddaru. Modi is a potent combination of both
  6. Telugu states charging ~14 rs more than some BJP ruled states
  7. "I used to be on the board of HSBC in London (between 2008 and 2012). In the first few years, when China was mentioned two to three times in the boardroom (during meetings), India's name would be mentioned once," said the well-known businessman in response to a question on where he sees India in the future. "But unfortunately, I don't know what happened (to India) afterwards. (Former PM) Manmohan Singh was an extraordinary individual and I have tremendous respect for him. But, somehow, India stalled (during UPA-era). Decisions were not taken and everything was delayed," said Mr Murthy.
  8. Powell Signals Recession May Be Price to Pay for Crushing Inflation Fed raises rates 75 basis points, signals more hikes to come. ‘No one knows’ if this will lead to a recession, Powell says
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