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  1. Naa India trip lo, positive vadiley, didn't see a single person say 'parledhu' about him, all strata's of people. Andharini kelikesadu. Ippudu kuda TDP gelavakapothe
  2. Nee feelings pakkana petti, capex spending of UPA2 and NDA3 on infra chusthe saripodhi.
  3. Covid tragedy accountability got shared between central, state and people itself for negligence. Covid vaccine rollout and Jamtrinity/Food help credit went to Centre, that is what polls reflecting.
  4. Currently world ratings kuda same chupisthunnai uncle When the concerned department heads are conducting press conferences everyday what is this obsession about PM to face media Poni mana mounmohan emanna nelaki okati chese vada ante, UPA 2 lo chesinavi 2 to 3 Unlike moumohan PM is at least interacting directly with concerned communities and people every few days
  5. Vaccine scaleup there was delay as we were still doing trials and some facilities committed for WHO production, but once 2nd wave hit we used those facilities for Indian as well. The lapse was more scientific, based on 1st wave we rolled-out vaccines for seniors first but the delta affected the middle-aged and no one was serious at that time to get vaccinated (also opposition targeted saying the phase trials not completed properly why this fast roll out).
  6. People always want hope, if not for proper vaccine rollout adhi 100L ayyedhi ani valla feeling.
  7. Idhi dark spot aina, general feeling is that we did very well in vaccine role out and controlling Covid afterwards. Especially constant news about new Covid outbreaks in China and people still suffering there is making this view more strong
  8. NDA’S BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT : The survey revealed that 20 per cent of the respondents believed the NDA’s biggest achievement was the handling of Covid-19 pandemic, while 14 per cent thought it was the revocation of Article 370. Meanwhile, 12 per cent of those surveyed believed that the building of Ram Mandir was the biggest achievement of the present government. NDA’S BIGGEST FAILURE : Asked what the NDA government's biggest failure was, 25 per cent of the respondents said it was price rise, while 17 per cent believed it was the failure to tackle unemployment.
  9. 3000km nadichina maa Rahul Baba dhi 1% kuda peragaledha… khandisthunnam ee survey ni
  10. JUST IN: Republicans will win control of the House of Representatives, CNN projects, reaching the threshold of 218 seats needed for a majority in the chamber.
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