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  1. Aadivi cheshtalu ela chesina kondharu control ayyaru, at least something happened and no attack took place, ee nirasam gadu emaina chesthe ga... pichi pidis ki cheppukotaniki okati ledhu disaster after disaster lol
  2. Nirasam maharaj enter aina kadi nunchi year ki okadu attack start, no body taking him seriously, mee pichi pidis ki ee neerasam stars baga peduthunnaru
  3. Good thing for BJP is pagalu prathikaralu generations kodhi velthaniki akkada dynasty party kadhu, With changing PM/President outlook changes
  4. Nakenthuku kopam, db lo nee lanti tennis ball batch chala mandhi thidatharu did I do sapanardhalu to family like u? inka rendu ekkuva thittukondi if it gives ur stomach relief I only present defensive side of his policy decisions. Ee thread lo ne injustice to AP regarding reorg chesadu annaka, nee kallatho chusi quote chesi reply ichaka inka BJP ni ekkada criticize chesano inkodu chupinchala? cheppa ga neeku grasping issue ani. or accept chesthe nee karma fallacy nullify aipodha
  5. First aa aspect lo eppudu vekkili ga navvala, that is ur rummykrishna interpretation coming from ur stomach burning Ninnu evadu kottamannadu ra babu, u r good with tennis balls for now
  6. We discussed this in many threads it seems u have problem with memory or grasping issue, I said he did injustice to AP with regards to AP reorg demands, but doing well in other aspects be it central schemes and its implementation to nation. But meeru reorg chupinchi meelaga hate chesi boothulu thittali anukuntaru, memu thappu jarigindhi anna, kadhu maalaga boothulu thittali ani padayappa lo rummykrishna laga oogipothu untaru malli bonus nenu AP ki injustice chesadu reorg demands vishayam lo ani agree aina, repu inko thread lo nuvvu justice chesadu ani samardhisthunnav ani sapanardhalu mod
  7. Nenu vadini hate chesthunna nuvvu cheyali, lekapothe family sapanardhalu pedatha, malli ee lkg mindset ki vanuku puttali
  8. Ee dhandu fans comedy never ending....maa leader ki anyayam chesinavallu nasanam aipotharu ani sapanardhalu, akkada meeru anyayam chesadu anukunna KCR emo happy ga CM ayyadu, leader kattina place nunchi tharimesadu Karma doesn't see from your eyes guru to decide right or wrong. Mee eyes nunchi chusthe ntr vennupot, vajpayee padhavipot kuda mee leader porata patima kindha kanipisthai, anthuke nemo ee sthithi yes me also loud and clear...desaniki kontha better chesthunna leader ni kadhu ani mee ego kosam meeru worst ani chepthunna mafia ne malli ravali ani samardhisthunna vallu already aa
  9. Society ani coverdrives aa, the moment u uttered family, showed ur weak character, malli pedda buildup babu ikkada Where did I say BJP did nyayam to AP, in your dreams? I think it already knocked ur door, instead of taking pain killers u wish the same for other families
  10. US goose dreaming about Italian mafia, it will be another nirasam Biden scenario
  11. When you go to family personals there itself u lost ur argument Karma will get to everyone, may be u r unable to accept that your leader/servant got it now and as kids u r suffering
  12. Same sodhi day in day out. EE servant concept edho maa chowkidar concept la undhe Modi is also progressive, the way he transformed Gujrat as CM and now India as PM, but his party has issues with CBN given his flashback and BJP local santha who are against him. You can't even properly pacify local santha when in power lol. I expressed my disappointment with fulfilling demands towards AP reorg, idhe DB lo vesa, but meeku saripodhu, mee laga thodakotti kateef cheyali antaru, which I won't do as I don't want India to be ruled by Italian Mafia like you guys simple. That's your stom
  13. Nirasam gadu ekkada nunchi rule chesina waste ye ga no result
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