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  1. Monna ilage thipparu IMA VP Modi is super spreader annadu ani, theera chusthe aina Congress party member lol
  2. Journalist adigina question ki press meet lo answer ichina cry ye na
  3. Yes some states lo anthe aa time lo mee jaggad punyama ani since AP fudging numbers they are getting less quota than others
  4. Mumbai spike in march tharavatha Delhi Bang most effected pattern is clear. April all states started spiking. States might have their own variants as well independent of MH
  5. Appatiki adhe prime contributor, kumbh time ki already states had more cases
  6. Aa tweet eppatidho chudu, chandas la blind ga post cheyaka
  7. Sorry to hear the plight, take care and stay safe bro.
  8. 1.6 cr doses ki mukkuthu mooliguthu ichina Canada ki nee hadavidi 16 cr isthe 6 cr fake number thechi Desam medha vishapracharam chese pappu stars ki em chepthe ekkudhi le continue
  9. Lol audit general reports.Why pidi run states are not saying they are fake numbers, turning into marmarala batch.
  10. One in hyd, one in Mumbai nuvvu shy feel avvu ippudu
  11. Akkada kumbh gathering gurinchi disco ekkada undhi aina vesinadantlo
  12. Ye source leni thokka lo 6cr estimation memu nammali but anni trackers report chese 16cr matuku neeku fake. Sare mee congress Or comrade states vallu counter cheyochu ga my state figures wrong ani. Akkada wastage rate, daily doses, leftover doses tho saha antha clear tracking unte inka shameless ga fake ela cry chestharu ra babu nuvvu nee phobia