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  1. 2014 55 comedy Thus the correct absolute ranking for a country for the years prior to 2015 would be calculated as by adding the rank in the main table and the count of the countries whose GHI is less than 5 in that year. According to the above formula, India’s GHI rank was 105 (63+42) in 2013, 99 (55+44) in 2014 and 93 (80+13) for 2015.
  2. Methodology comedy but overall nutrition wise we will be lacking as North batch don’t consume non-veg much. Pulses prominence should increase in diet.
  3. meeku 1-1.5$ perigindhi ga Biden vachaka labo dhibo antunnava mari or 2$ kosam waiting aa
  4. counter ga ika varasabetti eyandi modi videos
  5. Ya 7 yrs high that’s the reason for recent increase, what is lies in that lol Maun-muni 1.3 lakh crore bonds raasi offset chesadu le sagam price ni, and remaining subsidies tho policy paralysis thechi govt run cheyaleni situation ki thechadu last 2-3 years
  6. Lol lies emundhi reported news ye ga “GST council meeting today: Kerala, Maharashtra to oppose move to bring petrol, diesel under GST” I am saying why other states not ruled by BJP push for it, if they are concerned. No state willing to let go tax revenue in current situation, lekapothe eppudo chesevallu.
  7. Trump controlled opec well whenever oils price surged in US Taxes thaggali but it is the steady stream for centre and states recovering from covid so I doubt they will do it
  8. MMS time lo oil bonds tho offset chesaru le, chesina kuda bankrupt ayyaru. and monna under GST theddama ani disco start chesthe first states to oppose was Maharashtra and Kerala
  9. Trump dude undi unte OPEC mukku pindevadu Oil surges to 7-year high after OPEC+ decides on cautious increase
  10. 19.2 cr households , earlier 3.2cr, targeting rest 16cr by 2024, 8.2 completed, 8 more to go.
  11. Seema area Inc/ycp consistent performance only other regions swing anamata
  12. Aa baram 2014 ke padindhi le kotha bharam padakunda saved be happy
  13. socialist country ni capitalist country chesthunnadu ena, inkemanna gulikalu unnaya
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