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India MODIfied 3.0


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On 11/7/2023 at 3:46 AM, kumar_tarak said:



10 hours ago, kumar_tarak said:


చంపబడుతున్న శత్రువును చూసినవాడికి మరుజన్మ లో కంటి రోగం ఉండదు - శకారుడు *

(శకారుడు * మృచ్ఛకటికం లో - పాతాళభైరవి లో రేలంగి లాంటి పాత్ర, నెగటివ్ షేడ్,రాజుగారి బామ్మర్ది) 

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4 hours ago, Rajakeeyam said:



The Grandest Ever Deepawali in Ayodhya 🔥
2017 ~ 1.7 lac 🪔 
2018 ~ 3 lac 🪔 
2019 ~ 4 lac 🪔 
2020 ~6 lac 🪔 
2021 ~ 9 lac 🪔 
2022 ~ 15 lac 🪔 
2023 ~ 21 lac 🪔
Welcoming Prabhu Ram with more than 2 million Diyas this Deepawali 



Deeniki &370 ki....bjp ki inko term eyes close chesi icheyochu ........rest dev bonus.....:no1:

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Breaking:  Former chief of the terrorist group Muttahida Jehad Council and main conspirator in the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attack, Mohammad Usman's son, Mohammad Asgar, has been reported missing from Muzaffarabad, PoK since yesterday.

Sources indicate that he was kidnapped by unknown individuals in a car. His father, Mohammad Usman, who is a founding member of the "Muslim Janbaz Force" and the former chief of the anti-India terrorist organizations under the "Muttahida Jehad Council," is currently in a French jail after being detained in Europe for planning attacks on the instructions of ISIS.

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Vaibhav Gehlot, son of Ashok Gehlot has been summoned from ED in the FEMA case, 12 hours before voting.

ED has asked him to be present before them tomorrow on the voting day because they want a fast track investigation.

Can you imagine someone else at the place of Ashok Gehlot who would be so busy with party work related to election and his son gets summoned?

How low, how cheap and how far will the BJP go against Congress to fulfill their satisfaction in assembly elections.

Remember, Gehlot is very strong guy and nothing can shake him. Bete ko hath lagane se pehle baap se baat kar.

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