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  1. https://youtu.be/xKf02Lo0400?si=OKnDww_xW6Aj09p4
  2. 2010 aa time lo ayyunte super ga work out ayyundedi..
  3. @Rajakeeyam mee future naakardamayyindi..
  4. Next 2029 ki chudu alone North motham rule chestaaru AAP vallu..
  5. @Rajakeeyam aakhariki pappu pappu ani vaadi chethilonee vaayinchukuntunnaru… atleast kejriwal lanti vaadi chethilo anna adiginchukuni vunte cheppukune daanikanna bagundedi…
  6. what is your profile exactly... on which topics you work..

    where are you working USA..?


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    2. ChiefMinister


      I started working for a startup from 2018 till 2022... after 2022 i am with another consultancy...

      now the job market is really very bad in Germany.. 

      no new projects... i am supporting for System Integration at my consultancy from past 5 months...

    3. subbu_chinna


      Okay, even in USA market is same and in India even though openings are there...not released the budget for hiring.... hopefully after November market will settle.... which state you are staying in Germany?

    4. ChiefMinister



  7. which company you are working bro..
  8. last year kuda cup ravalsindi... okkari valla assam ayyindi..
  9. Deenika aa battayilu privitization tho drama aadaru .. chi siggu koncham kuda ledu mee @Rajakeeyam…
  10. Rich kids ayyundi ila saadharanam ga tickets teesukovatam entanna..
  11. Kompadeesi mission impossible ithani chetha remake cheyyistara ilaa ruddi..?
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