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  1. @Rajakeeyam ee thala noppantha enduku .. okka chance Kejriwal ki ivvachu gaa
  2. I am very happy brother.. seeing such a post from you.. so meeru repu Rahul PM ayina outsider la consider cheyyanu antaaraa?? I am strong supporter of kejriwal
  3. Tdp ni jsp lo vileenam cheseyyatam better
  4. Ledu bro what ever GST etc., all were MMS ideas .. if he was given free hand he could have been the best economy ni shape cheyyatam lo
  5. Valla data mining and data projection way ahead.. aa time lo 1 pc anna economy minda concentrate chesuntey manchi progress vundedi.. really we miss MMS..
  6. Konni areas lo hot water problem ki counter measures ga ilaa cheptunnaru .. not all areas i think
  7. https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/shimla/opened-last-year-himachal-highway-stretch-caves-in-8087220/lite/
  8. Brother ee road swiss bank ninchi black money techi vesaru anukuntaa .. correct me if i am wrong
  9. Then almost everyone is using phonepe .. no use of this ..
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