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  1. anthenduku brother .. NTR airport name CBN pedithey emayyindi ... aa name teesesi nappudu veellu ekkadunnaru thread starters...?
  2. avunaa super ayithe ee department bagundo cheppandi...okkasari...
  3. see the success of others and try to comment ... KCR who was a part of CBN team in the past he raised and is able to win successfully continuously....where as CBN failed ... Always success matters....its not one failure... CBN has to change his strategies.... that is the difference.....many ways he failed to win and was successful in demoralising the cadre. As a CM and as an Administrator I will accept that he is better than any leader in both the Telugu states.. even NTR also...
  4. if this is the case nenu drop NOTA ne naku dikku...
  5. most important thing akkada JSP ki candidates are from TDP... vallu chesina hardwork ee idanta... hardwork evaru chesthey vallake vestaru vote anedi...
  6. alliance vunte gelustam anedi just a myth 2009 lo anni party lu alliance ayyayi...emayyindi.. CBN should change his strategies...
  7. manam strong avvachu gaa better assalu aa narsapuram lo jsp ki antha vachindi patha tdp leader jsp loki velladanta andukane antunnaru
  8. I can confidently say by observing the mood ...... JSP ki next time antha voting percent entha chinchukunna raadu.... better not to go in alliance with them... try to win alone ..
  9. janam mechina movie ki intha avasaram ledu le brother...
  10. appudu nuvvu ee class chaduvuthunnav tammudu
  11. screen shot petta chudu

  12. first starting PV narasimha rao ee better anipistundi

    twitter lo koncham parakala prabhakar ni connect ayyi information ni adigithey better emo

  13. bro talk etta vundi ... bommaki


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