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  1. Baffas apart, this might be happening in every state. Doesn’t matter if it’s bjp ruled or some other. But baffas antene chandalam ga untadhi.
  2. predicting the second wave is our system failure. Nidrapothunnaru
  3. That will always be the question for many more months. Nobody knows. Few believes few doesn’t. You can only leave it up to the people during these times.
  4. Enti on par. Oka dose esi rendodhi dorikithe eskondi ledante savandi anadama
  5. Pandemic handling debatable aa It’s disaster. There’s no forward looking in any matter. Handling of migrants, & now this vaccine distribution are utter shame for PMO.
  6. Ee daridrudiki thread kooda bokke. Selfish, Pump & Dump candidate
  7. Dhoola theerindhi edavalaki
  8. nakaithe drama artist feels
  9. power lo ki osthe thokkestham ane bhayam theesukuravali ittanti loafers ki. cbn methaka politics valla ikkadi daka ochindhi
  10. There are two types of pain: sort of pain that makes you strong and useless pain.sort of pain that gives only suffering. I have no time for useless things.

  11. Babai_Abbai fans!!!!

  12. waiting for kick2 :) 30cr anna collect seyyali :pray:

  13. weekend break #OKLeaveIt :P

  14. NKR production lo vasthunna movie release ayyedaka Db ki selavu :)